Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Volume 2
Sailor Stars Music Collection 2



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Release date

August 21, 1996

The Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Music Collection Volume 2 was a Sailor Moon anime CD that contained background music from the second arc of the Sailor Stars season.

Track List

  1. Parting With Mamoru, And Then...
  2. Listen To Our Song
  3. Where Is That Person...
  4. Seiya, Taiki, Yaten
  5. Guitar Solo Collection
  6. School Idol
  7. Minako's Ambition
  8. Strategy of Ginga TV
  9. I'll Take the Star Seed
  10. Phage Attacks
  11. Star Power Make Up!
  12. Magnificent Eternal Sailor Moon
  13. Ultimate Evil
  14. Determination
  15. Ultimate Love
  16. Heiwa
  17. After Today, Normal High School Students Again
  18. Star Power Make Up Music - No Chorus
  19. Moon Eternal Make Up Music - No Chorus
  20. Eternal Sailor Moon Action Music - No Chorus
  21. Trailer Music - 15-Second Version

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