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Sailor Moon R: The Movie
Bishoujo Senshi SEERAA MUUN R

2, Sailor Moon R

Air date

December 5, 1993


Sukehiro Tomita


Kunihiko Ikuhara


Sailor Moon S movie


“Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose”

Air date

February 8, 2000


Sailor Moon S Movie: Hearts in Ice

The Sailor Moon R movie was the first movie based on the Sailor Moon anime, and was originally released in 1993 in Japan. When shown in theaters, it was screened with the animated short Make up! Sailor Senshi at the beginning. It was released in English with the subtitle "The Promise of the Rose." This film has been rated G by MPAA.

A CD, Sailor Moon R Movie Music Collection, was released on December 21, 1993, and it contained the soundtrack for the film


Fiore, an old childhood friend of Mamoru's, returns to Earth with the flowers he promised him when he was younger. But, an evil flower called the Xenian Flower takes over his weak mind, and controls him. Now, it's up to Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi to save Mamoru and the Earth from destruction.


In his youth Darien had a terrible car accident, lucky he survives it but his parents didn't. From this moment at the age of six he didn't remenber who he is and sufers of amnesia.One day a stange boy called Fiore comes on Eath. He and Darien become friends, but Fiore has to leave soon and Darien ru up stairs to give his friend a single rose. Fiore takes it and than leaves Darien start to cry again but Fiore asures him to retum someday and that he'll bring many flowers. Many years passed and Darien is now a handsome good looking young mann. His got himself a girlfriend Serena (Sometimes he calls her Meatball head). One day Serena  Rini (Future daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion) Serena and the Sailor Scouts ( Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus) Amy, Raye, Lita and Mina are visting a wonderful garden full with diferent flowers. As Darien flashback returns about his past he still remembers what his childhood friend had told him but he was interrupted as Serena says a flower called For-Get-Me-Not and she explanins the meaning of it. But soon she want that Darien kisses her. But failed because the girls are spying them and he ran off leaving Serena behind and she screams as the girls tricket her with a plant and all laugh loudly. Darien is out side and suddenly a wind came on Earth and Fiore appers now a young mann. At first Darien didn't reconize him but when Serena was in the middle of the conversaiton telling Fiore that Darien is her boyfriend but he didn't care and he pushes her and she lands on the floor.All ran to Serena's side and Fiore disappears. That night all a reunited and they discuse that a Meteroit is coming on Earth but it's far away. While all asked Serena if she knows what happen but she answeres that she hardly know Darien past. She remebers that one day Darien explain was alone and lony by showing her a photo of his parennts and he feels no longer alone because he might wait that he whould meet her and be his family. Serena is overjoyed and she'll do anything to procted him.

On midnight a strange flower appears and stays on the street and began to take all the energies of the people. The next mornig the girls are returning home from school. Raye feel something wrong and as they discover what's wrong they all want to discover what happen leaving Rini behind. They all stoped and they see that all the human are not moving because they energy had disappears. Suddenly the humans a turning into demons and a huge fight is about to start. Rini finally arrives to the place a Xenian Flower runs to catch Rini but Serena save her just in time. All are changing and a fight begins. Meanwhile Rini tries to wake Serena to fight angainst the monster and she did it. But Serena is angry and she screams at Rini that she almost kills her, but there wasn't time to fight like cats and dogs. Serena is about to change into Sailor Moon as Rini thanks her vor saving her life. Now Serena can change into Sailor Moon by using her Silver Crystal that her Mother had given her (Queen Serenity). The Xenain Flower is about to Steal the energy of the Sailot Scouts but a Tiara flies over them and all are free again. It's Sailor Moon to the rescue. With her Moon Zepter she kills the Xenian Flower and Fiore appears again. He is about to kill Sailor Moon when a Rose appears. Tuxedo Mask appears to save Sailor Moon. He tries to tell him to trust Sailor Moon and all the people on Earth. But the demon that contols Fiore makes him angry and Fiore and Tuxedo Mask are fighting while Fiore tells Tuxedo Mask that Sailor Moon is a Hearbreaker and she'll leave him but Tuxedo Mask don't trust his word and when Fiore tires to kill Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask ofers himself to be killed. Fiore then take Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon and the others are using the Teletranport to save Darien. Darien is inside a Prison full of Water and Fiore tells him what happen when they were children and then he leaves.

The Scouts hae arrived a the univers and they land on a pink surface fulled of pink flowers. Sailor Mercury says that a new attack is coming a demos are coming and all are fighting. But Fiore tells Sailor Moon to give up or her friends will sufer. She gives up and she says that she'll not watch her friends Sufer. Fiore let go the Sailor scouts and he change into an evil person. Darien finally got out of his water prinson and he runs to save Sailor Moon and his friends. Fiore takes Sailor Moon all her energy and when he finish and now ready to kill Sailor Moon The Scoutsa are trying to stop him but they couldn't. Then a Rose flies to Fiore's heart. All the pink flowers disappeeas and the Meteorit is about to crash on Earth. With her last Stengh Sailor tires to stop the Meterorit by using her Silver Crystal. But all knew if Serena uses her crystal she'll die like it happen to Queen Serenity. Fiore tires to take off her crystal but Serena shows a Flashback how she and Darien become close friends and she give him a flower.

The crystal is changing and it turns into a flower and the demon The Xenian Flower dies and Fiore disapperas. Sailor Moon tranforms into the Moonprincess to save Earth and her Friends. Darien changes too. And all together give Serena the power save Earth. But the SIlver Crytal breaks and Serena dies.  On Earth all are worried that it takes so long but Rini is still of hope. On the Meteorit Sailor Mars tires to wake Serena but it was no use. Darien takes her lifeless body in his arms when Fiore appears for the last time and he thanks him and Sailor Moon for begin released from the Flower and now he gives Darien a nectar flower and with it the Energy of Fiore is on it. Darien wet his lips and kisses Serena and she comes back to life and Fiore goes for ever. All are so glad that Serena is saves.


  • Due to Chibiusa's inclusion in the main cast and her knowledge of the Sailor Senshi's identities, and also Mamoru and Usagi's intact relationship, this story most likely took place after episode 77 and before episode 82 since Chibiusa was still in the present.
  • When this movie was screened in theaters in France (as Sailor Moon: Les Fleurs Maléfiques ("Sailor Moon: The Evil Flowers"), the short Make up! Sailor Senshi was replaced by another short based on the anime Tsuyoshi Shikkari Shinasai.
  • In Pioneer's R1 DVD release of the movie, the voice of young Mamoru was incorrectly credited as "Emi Ogata."
  • The display in the Mercury Goggle was in German in the movie, as opposed to English in the television series.
  • In the English dub, the song "Moon Revenge" was replaced with "The Power of Love." The original song was restored for the unedited DVD release.
  • The English dub omitted the first scene entirely.


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