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This is a list of Sailor Moon merchandise released by Great Eastern Entertainment in America.


Sailor Moon Plush
Sailor Mercury Plush
Sailor Mars Plush
Sailor Jupiter Plush
Sailor Venus Plush
Sailor Chibi Moon Plush
Tuxedo Mask Plush
Luna Plush
Artemis Plush


Sailor Moon and Symbol Metal Keychain
Sailor Mercury and Symbol Metal Keychain
Sailor Mars and Symbol Metal Keychain
Sailor Jupiter and Symbol Metal Keychain
Sailor Moon Metal Keychain
Sailor Mars and Jupiter Symbols Keychain
Sailor Mercury and Venus Metal Keychain
Sailor Saturn Star Keychain
Sailor Uranus Star Keychain
Cosmic Heart Compact Keychain

Sailor Moon Keychain
Sailor Mercury Keychain
Sailor Mars Keychain
Sailor Jupiter Keychain
Sailor Venus Keychain
Sailor Chibi Moon Keychain
Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch Keychain
Sailor Moon Bow-Brooch Keychain
Sailor Moon Moon Stick Keychain
Disguise Pen Keychain
Sailor Moon PVC Keychain

King Endymion Keychain
Moon, Chibiusa, and Neo Queen Serenity Keychain
Transformation Brooch Mirror


Moon Body Pillow
Sailor Moon Body Pillow
Mercury Body Pillow
Sailor Mercury Body Pillow
Mars Body Pillow
Sailor Mars Body Pillow
Jupiter Body Pillow
Sailor Jupiter Body Pillow
SV Body Pillow
Sailor Venus Body Pillow
Uranus Body Pillow
Sailor Uranus Body Pillow
Pluto Body Pillow
Sailor Pluto Body Pillow
Tuxedo Body Pillow
Tuxedo Mask Body Pillow

Square Throw Pillow
Round Throw Pillow


Sailor Moon With Moon Stick Lunch Bag
Sailor Moon Punish Lunch Bag
Sailor Moon Sitting on Moon Lunch Bag
Tiara Action Lunch Box

Sailor moon Pink Handbag
Luna Handbag

Tuxedo mask tote bag
Inner Senshi Tote Bag
Sailor Moon S Tote Bag

Sailor moon drawstring bag
Luna drawstring bag
Inner Senshi Drawstring Bag
Sailor Mercury Drawstring Bag
Chibi Moon Drawstring Bag

Sailor Mars Messenger Bag
Sailor Venus Messenger Bag
Sailor Moon Messenger Bag
Sailor Mercury Messenger Bag
Sailor Jupiter Messenger Bag
Inner Senshi Messenger Bag
Sailor Moon S Messenger Bag
Sailor Mercury Brown Messenger Bag

Sailor Moon Hobo Bag
Sailor Moon Hobo Bag

Blue Backpack Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury Backpack
Pink Luna Backpack
Blue Inner Senshi Backpack

Artemis Cosmetic Bag
Sailor Moon Cosmetic Bag

Wall Scrolls

SM Wall Scroll
Sailor Moon Wall Scroll.
Sailor Mercury Wall Scroll
Sailor Mercury Wall Scroll.
SMA Wall Scroll
Sailor Mars Wall Scroll.
Sailor Jupiter Wall Scroll
Sailor Jupiter Wall Scroll.
SV Wall Scroll
Sailor Venus Wall Scroll.
SCM Wall Scroll
Sailor Chibi Moon Wall Scroll.
SS Wall Scroll
Sailor Saturn Wall Scroll.
SU Wall Scroll
Sailor Uranus Wall Scroll.
SN Wall Scroll
Sailor Neptune Wall Scroll.
SP Wall Scroll
Sailor Pluto Wall Scroll.
SS and PS Wall Scroll
A wall scroll with the Inner Sailor Senshi and Princess Serenity on it.
DK Wall Scroll
A wall scroll with Queen Beryl and the Shitennou on it.
Sailor Moon Group Wall Scroll
Sailor Moon Group Wall Scroll.
Sailor Moon Girls Wall Scroll
Inner Senshi Wall Scroll


Sailor Moon Figure
Sailor Moon Figure
Tuxedo Mask Figure
Tuxedo Mask Figure


Sailor Moon In the name of the moon mug
Sailor Mars Mug
Sailor Jupiter Mug
Sailor Venus Mug
Tuxedo Mask Mug


Sailor Moon Sticker
Mercury Sticker
Mars Sticker
Jupiter Sticker
Venus Sticker
Uranus Sticker
Neptune Sticker
Pluto Sticker
Saturn Sticker
Tuxedo Mask Sticker

Kaolinite Sticker
Eudial Sticker
Mimete Sticker
Tellu Sticker
Viluy Sticker
Cyprine Sticker
Ptitol Sticker

Characters and Symbol Stickers
Character Sticker Set
Sailor Senshi Sticker


Mars Tiara
Moon Tiara
Venus Tiara
Mercury Tiara
Jupiter Tiara

PVC Wristbands
SM White Wristband
SM White Logo Wristband
SM Blue Wristband
Pink Symbol Wristband
Felt Wristbands
Transformation Brooch Felt Wristband


Moon and Mask Pins
Mars and Jupiter Pins
Mercury and Venus Pins

Moon and Brooch Pinset
Mercury and Symbol Pinset

Moon and Cutie Moon Rod Pinset
Mercury and Mars Pinset
Jupiter and Venus Pinset
Luna and Artemis Metal Pinset
Luna and Artemis Pinset


Pink Group Towel
Blue Group Towel


Luna Button
Availible in 1.25 inch size and 3 inch size
Artemis Button
Availible in 1.25 inch size and 3 inch size
Chibi Moon Button
Uranus Button
Neptune Button
Pluto Button
Saturn Button
Moon Button
(Availible in 2 inch size and 1.25 size)
Tuxedo Button
Bow Button
Venus Button
Mars Button
Mercury Button
Jupiter Button
Serenity and Senshi Button
Moon with Moon Stick Button
Availible in 1.25 inch size and 3 inch size
Artemis Button 2
SM Icon Button
Inner Senshi Button
Availible in 1.25 inch size and 3 inch size
SMercury Icon Button


SM Pink-Black Icon Hat
Brooch Hat
Luna Hat
Artemis Hat
Venus Hat
Brooch Beanie

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