Sailor Moon Kick
Sērā Mūn Kikku

M sailormoonkick


Sailor moon kick


Sailor Moon


Physical attack


Double Sailor Moon Kick

Sailor Moon Kick was a physical attack used by Sailor Moon. In the manga, she first used it in Act 2 against the Youma at the Crystal Seminar, with some help by Tuxedo Mask.

In the anime, she used it to kick Kijin Shinokawa's camera away from him while he was under the influence of the Youma Cameran.

Sailor Moon Kick!00:08

Sailor Moon Kick!


  • "Sailor Moon Kick" is also a play of the famous "Sailor V Kick" performed by Sailor Venus in Codename: Sailor V.
  • In Episode 102, Minako (disguised as Sailor Moon) performed an attack she named "Sailor Kick".
Sailor Kick! (As Sailor Moon)00:08

Sailor Kick! (As Sailor Moon)

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