The Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game is a trading card game based on the English version of the series and was released in 2000, winning the Origins Award for Best Card Game that same year. One player competes against another with both having a number of Senshi and villains alike. The game is won by eliminating ALL of the opponents' scouts/knights or getting enough victory points which is done by eliminating enemy monsters/villains with the more powerful ones naturally being worth more victory points. At times there is chance involved with the players playing rock-paper-scissors to determine an outcome. 

Card Types

In total there are 248 cards broken down into rarities of common, uncommon, rare and ultra rare. There is both a standard version and basic game version meaning a card has a different effect depending on which type of game is being played. Attacks have a cost and damage rating whether done by scouts or monsters.


An example of one of the cards.

  • Scouts/knights: The workhorses of one's deck. Not only can they do and take damage but they can be upgraded to their higher forms when that card is played (Sailor Mercury Level 1 becomes Sailor Mercury Level 2 when said card is played for example) with the highest level being 4. They start with an item already equipped like the Mini Computer and VR Goggles card in the case of Sailor Mercury.
  • Monsters/villains: These have both strengths and weaknesses related to body, mind or spirit.
  • Events/Items: These cards have a temporary effect and are then discarded after being used similar to non-continous spell or trap cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! .
  • People: These cards' effects can be used every turn. Strangely, the game combines the original Japanese and the dub names of characters, resulting in cards named Andrew Furuhata, Molly Osaka and, perhaps the most inane, Melvin Gurio.
  • Power: These cards supply body, mind or soul power to fuel special abilities and attacks similar to energy cards from the Pokemon trading card game.
  • Locations: These give a bonus to the enemy. They were introduced in the expansion set.


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