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The Sailor Moon Accessory Series is a series of accessories created by Bandai for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration.

Brooch Necklaces

On July 16, 2013, it was announced that Sailor Moon necklaces based off her brooches would be made.

All of the necklaces together
The Crystal Star Necklace in Silver
The Crystal Star Necklace with color
Cosmic Heart Compact Necklace
Prism Heart Compact Necklace
Transformation Brooch Necklace
Transformation Brooch Necklace in Gold

Attack Item Series

On August 4th, it was revealed that there will be more necklaces, and also earrnings. Bandai has decided to release them on the late October. The collection consits of, two necklaces, and one pair of earrnings.

New jewelry again
The new necklaces and earrings.
Jewelry poster
Poster version of the picture.

Uranus Neptune and Chibi Moon Weapon Pendants
Space Sword Pendant
Space Sword Pendant
Deep Aqua Mirror Pendant
Deep Aqua Mirror Pendant
Crystal Carillon Pendant
Crystal Carillon Pendant

Moon Stick Necklaces

The Moon Stick necklace, is made of silver, and costs, 11,550¥ (yen).
Official Poster with the necklace Moon Stick, and the Moon Earrings.
The Moon Stick Necklace from a close angle.
The Moon Stick Necklace from a far view.

Moon Earrings

The Moon Earrings, are made of gold, and they cost, 9,975¥ (yen).
Official Poster of the earrings, and then Moon Stick Necklace.
The Moon Earrings

Key of Space-Time Necklace

The Key of Space-Time necklace, is made of gold, and it costs, 13,650¥ (yen).
Official Poster
Key of Space-Time Necklace from a close angle.
Key of Space-Time Necklace from a far view.

Crystal Star Accessories

Crystal Star accessories

Tiara Ring

In January/February 2014, a ring was announced. It is based off Neo-Queen Serenity's tiara.

Neo-Queen Serenity Tiara Ring

Symbol Earrings

In January/February 2014, earrings were announced. They are based off the Inner Senshi's respective planet symbols, and they're are two styles: ones with backs, and ones without.

Senshi Symbol Earrings
Senshi Symbol Earrings Ver.2

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