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This is a list of Sailor Moon merchandise that is being released as a part of Sailor Moon's 20th Anniversary.


Main article: List of Figure-related Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Miracle Romance Cosmetics

Main article: Miracle Romance Cosmetics
The "Miracle Romance Cosmetics" line is a line of cosmetics inspired by Sailor Moon that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sailor Moon series. All of the cosmetic are made by Creer Beaute.


Main article: List of Gashapon-related Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Sailor Moon SuperS Brooch Rings

Announced by Bandai, they will be selling Brooch Rings, in August. They are from size 3 to 7, and they all cost, 15,750¥ (yen), and in US Dollars it is about 150 to 170 dollars.

Official Poster

Both Rings
The Gold Ring
The Silver Ring
The measures of the Ring.



Announced back in October 2012, Kodansha announced that a new Sailor Moon artbook would be released simultaneously wordwide. It has been confirmed though that the artbook has been delayed.

Sailor Moon Accessory Series

Main article: Sailor Moon Accessory Series


The T-shirts were announced on July 16th. More T-shirts were announced on August 1st (July 31st in the U.S). T-Shirts with the members of the Inner Senshi (including Sailor Moon) on them were announced on September 3rd. On September 5, more T-Shirts were announced. They will be availible online and in stores, but they will also be sold at the La Reconquista musical. More t-shirts appeared on Bandai's official site on September 23rd. One more t-shirt also refered as a whole pattern one, along with Parka's, and skirts, and shorts was released on November.

Graphic T-Shirts
Pink Sailor Moon Shirt
Sherbet Pink Sailor Moon Shirt
Grey Sailor Moon Shirt
Sm Black Tee
Black Sailor Moon Shirt
SM Red Tee
Red Sailor Moon Shirt
SM Blue Tee
Blue Sailor Moon Shirt

SM Print Tee
Sailor Moon Print Shirt.
Senshi T-Shirts
T-Shirts with the members of the Inner Senshi (including Sailor Moon) on them.
Gray Sailor Moon Print Shirt
The gray version of the Sailor Moon Print Shirt.
Sailor Mercury Print Shirt
Sailor Mercury Print Shirt.
Sailor Mars Print Shirt
Sailor Mars Print Shirt.
Sailor Jupiter Print Shirt
Sailor Jupiter Print Shirt.
Sailor Venus Print Shirt
Sailor Venus Print Shirt.
TShirts La Reconquista
The La Reconquista shirts.

Pop Art Tee Poster
A poster for the pop art t-shirts.
SM Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Moon Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Mercury Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Mercury Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Mars Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Mars Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Jupiter Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Jupiter Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Venus Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Venus Pop Art Shirt.
SM Pop Art Shirt 1
A pop art shirt with Sailor Moon on it.
SM Pop Art Shirt 2
The same shirt in different colors.

A set for the Outer Senshi was revealed on April 29, 2014. They are scheduled to be released June 2014, and will be selling for 3,240 yen each.

Outer Senshi T-Shirts
The shirts


The first parka's, also called whole pattern, was released on November, and only on two colors, blue, and pink. Each parka costs 8,988 yen.
Blue Parka
Pink Parka

Announced on December 9th. This parka is made with 100% cotton and it comes in both mens and womans sizes. Retail price is 8,978 yen.


The first skirt, also called whole pattern, was released along with the parka's, t-shirts, and shorts. The skirt costs 4,988 yen.


The first shorts, also called whole pattern was released along with parka's, t-shirt, and skirts. The shorts cost 4,988 yen.


Announced on December 9th. This beanie will only come in one size (about 56 ~ 58cm) and it will cost 3,675 yen (retail price).


Sailor Beanies

Announced on December 9th. This jacket comes in both mens and womans sizes and it will cost 13,388 yen (retail price).


Announced on December 9th. These slippers are for adults only and each slipper will measure 15cm x 25cm. They will cost 2,940 yen (retail price).


Crystal Star Slippers


Main article: List of Sailor Moon collaborations

Wall Scroll

Announced on July 16th, 2013, the wall scroll is selling on Bandai Premium from ¥3,150.

B2 Sized Wall Scroll

Mini Towel

Announced July 16th, 2013, the mini towel is selling on Bandai Premium for ¥600.

Microfiber Mini Towel


Main article: List of Electronic-related Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Merchandise


Pre-orders for official Sailor Moon plushies came up sometime in August.

SMo Plush
Sailor Moon plush.
SMe Plush
Sailor Mercury plush.
SMa Plush
Sailor Mars plush.
SJ Plush
Sailor Jupiter plush.
SV Plush
Sailor Venus plush.

On November 27th, it was announced that the plushies will be released in box sets.

Plushie box set

Finally, on November 29th, plushies of the Outer Senshi and Sailor Chibi Moon were revealed.

Outer Senshi Plushies
Outer Senshi Plushies 2

A third set of plushies was announced on May 19, 2014. It includes Black Lady, Tuxedo Mask, Princess Serenity, Princess Small Lady Serenity (Chibiusa), and Luna in her human form.

SM Plush set 3
The plushies

A new Sailor Moon plushie was later announced on June 13, 2014.

SM New Plushie

Tissue Box

Preorders for an official Luna tissue box came up sometime in August.
Luna tissue box
The tissue box.


Preorders for an official Luna pouch came up sometime in August.

The pouch.
Preorders for Luna and Artemis pouches also came up in October.
Luna and Artemis Pouches
Luna and Artemis pouches.

Revealed on September 3rd that there will be Sailor Moon clutch bags to be sold at the La Reconquista musical. You can use them to store your laptop or iPad in. There is a small size for 3150 yen each, and a larger sized one for 3750 yen. It is unknown if they will be sold anywhere else other than at the musical.

Clutch Bags La Reconquista

Sailor Moon bags started appearing on Bandai's official site in September.

SM Bag Series
A picture announcing the series.
Black tote
Black tote with white polka dots.
Black bag
Black bag with white polka dots.
Black backpack
Black backpack with white polka dots.
White tote
White tote.
White bag
White bag.
White backpack
White backpack.
Black tote 2
Black tote with cats.
Black bag 2
Black bag with cats.
Black backpack 2
Black backpack with cats.

More Tote Bags

Even More Tote Bags! What the-

Stick on nails

Announced September 27.

Sailor Moon Stick On Nails
Sailor Moon Stick On Nails 2
Sailor Moon Stick On Nails 3


Sailor Communicator Cases


Announced on October 15th, Bandai began accepting pre-order for premium chocolates featuring Sailor Moon (as well as premium chocolate featuring Puella Magi Madoka Magica). The Sailor Moon chocolates are packaged in a box featuring a silhouette of Sailor Moon, and the box comes with ten pieces of chocolate: 8 square chocolates of milk chocolate with almond praline sauce, and 2 pieces of  milk chocolate discs filled with raspberry sauce.

Each box retails for 2,626 yen (about 27.00 USD) and are expected to ship February 2014.

Sailor Moon Chocolate 2
Sailor moon chocolate
Sailor Moon Chocolate 3
Sailor Moon Chocolate 4


Announced on October 16th.

SM Cushion

Bow Tie

Announced on October 16th.

SM Bow Tie

Rubber Mat

Announced on October 16th.

SM Mat


Moon Stick Toy

A preview of a toy based off of the Moon Stick appeared at the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista musical in September 2013. New details about the toy appeared on October 16th.[1] The wand will include a toy version of the Silver Crystal, a display stand, 7-color LED, and sound recordings recorded by Kotono Mitsuishi, Usagi's voice actress in the anime. It will cost 8800 yen and it is expected to be released in April 2014. This will be the first Sailor Moon toy in the PROPLICA toy line. It will also be the first time any Moon Stick comes with recordings of Kotono's voice. A prototype version of the toy will appear at Bandai's Tamashii Nations event in November.

Moon Stick Poster
A poster showing the toy.
Moon Stick Close Up
A close up of the top of the toy.
Moon Stick Close Up 2
Another close up.
Moon Stick Toy
The toy itself.
Moon Stick and Crystal Base

Cutie Moon Rod Toy

Cutie Moon Rod - Proplica
Long shot of the Toy
Close up

Crystal Star

Crystal Star - Proplica

Holy Grail

Sailormoon-rainbow-moon-chalice-grail-proplica2016b (1)

Bag Charms

Announced on October 21st. The charms are scheduled to be released in December 2013.

Sailor Moon Bagcharm
Poster for the first Charm
First charm

Sailor Moon Bagcharm 2
Poster for the second charm
Second charm

Sailor Moon Bagcharm 3
Poster for the third charm
Third charm


Main article: List of Dishware-related Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Nail Seal sets

Revealed on November 27th. Each set costs 819 yen and contains 20 seals. They were made by Creer Beaute.

Nail Set Poster
Poster for the nail seals.

"Moonlight Memory" line

Announced on December 11th. The first products in this line are two compacts, one based off of the Crystal Star compact/locket and one based off of the Cosmic Heart compact. Both of the products are made of AMS (plastic), PMMA (clear acrylic) and glass. The Crystal Star compacts measurements are 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm × 3.5 cm, while the Cosmic Heart compacts measurements are 9.8 cm × 9.6 cm × 3.9 cm. Each of the compacts will also have three compartments. Each of them will cost 4,725yen (retail price) and they will both be released in March 2014.[2]

Moonlight Memory Compacts
A poster of the compacts.

Crystal Star closeup
Crystal Star inside

Cosmic Heart close up
Cosmic Heart inside
Cosmic Heart Compact box
The Cosmic Heart Compact in it's packaging.

Sailor Moon Goods Series

SM Bags and Misc


Sailor Moon Luggage Bags

UFO Crane Game Banpresto Prizes


Girls Memories Sailor Moon
Compact Mirrors
Sm Pouches
Luna, Artemis, and Luna-P bag plush charms


Banpresto Crane Mercury
Banpresto Crane Luna, Artemis, and LunaP

Bandai Premium Disguise Pen

The Disguise Pen toy was announced on March 23, 2014 and released in July 2014. It resembles the one from the first anime series and functions as an actual pen. Its jewel also lights up when the clip is pressed, making it very similar to the toy that Bandai made based off of the pen in the 90's. The pen is 16.7cm long, requires 2 LR41, and costs 4,860 yen. [3]

2014 Disguise Pen
2014 Disguise Pen -1
2014 Disguise Pen -2
2014 Disguise Pen -3


Keychains of Sailor V and Artemis were announced on March 19, 2014.

V-chan and Artemis Keychains


On "Denjin ☆ Getcha!", a web show that Fumio Osano was on, a Sailor Moon apron was seen. Later on June 26, the apron was up for pre-order.[4]
SM Apron

Ball Chain with Sliding Mirror Keychains

Announced on August 29, 2014, these mirrors became available as crane game prizes starting in March 2015. They are about 6cm wide.

Bow Mirrors
The mirrors.

Design Bags and Wallets

These bags and wallets were announced on September 3, 2014 and released in November 2014. The tote bags are 2200 yen each, the lunch tote bags are 1800 yen each, the square pouches are 1600 yen each, and the pocket tissue pouches are 1200 yen each.[5]

Design Bags and Wallets


Ochatomo figures of the Inner Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, and the two Moon Cats were announced on September 3, 2014 and were released in late December 2014 for 600 yen each.

Sailor Moon Ochatomo Moon Prism Cafe


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