Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 6: Starlight

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Sailor Moon - Die Superhits Für Kids vol. 6: Starlight (translation: "Sailor Moon - The Superhits For Kids vol. 6: Starlight") is a German album that contains popular songs from many different artists. The album also includes a couple of songs about or from the series and it is also the sixth album in the Die Superhits Für Kids albums.

Track List

  1. Nie wieder (American Version) - Sara @ Tic Tac Two
  2. I wish (Radio Mix) - Oli. P
  3. We can leave the World (Radio Cut) - Sasha
  4. Fort von mir - Echt
  5. I won´t forget You (Radio Version) - Princessa
  6. Donde Vas (Sol Radio Edit) - Loona
  7. Kids in America (Original Rap Version) - Touché
  8. Matador (Radio Mix) - Ritmo Ritmo
  9. Everytime You go away - 4 the Cause
  10. Super Moonies Mega Mix - Super Moonies
  11. Heut´ ist mein Tag (Radio Edit) - Blümchen
  12. Thinking of You (I drive Myself Crazy) - NSYNC
  13. Best Friend (Radio Edit) - Toy Box
  14. Heaven (Grand Prix Mix) - Elvin
  15. So Sweet (Thomilla´s Radio Mix) - Brooke Russell
  16. Ich Vertrau' Dir Sailor Moon - Super Moonies
  17. Memories (Radio Edit Version II) - The Boyz
  18. Tuxedo Mirage - Peach Hips
  19. Wanting to Be Together with You - Miwako Fujitani
  20. The Wind, the Sky, Surely... - Alisa Mizuki

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