Sailor Moon: Talk Box Mars
Talk Box Mars (box front cover)
Release Date

April 27, 2013


23 episodes (47 - 69)


Spanish and Japanese




Capital 8

Sailor Moon: Talk Box Mars was the third installment in the Talk Box series and it conatins the first 23 episodes of Sailor Moon R. It was released on April 2013 in Mexico and it was distributed to a few Latin American countries aswell.

Unlike the first and second installments, there were no pre-sale and no signing autograph event either for unknown reasons. A special event called "Fiesta del Milenio de Plata" ("Silver Millenium Festival") was held instead to celebrate the set's official release: Such event included diverse contests, karaoke and Marisa De Lille as a guest of honor.


  • DVD metalic box with built-in speaker and a button. Special message from Mónica Manjarrez:
    "Hola chicos. Soy Rei Hino y tengo 14 años. Voy en segundo de secundaria y vivo con mi abuelo en el templo Hikawa. No soporto a las personas débiles y ruidosas como Serena. Pero sé que en el fondo somos las mejores amigas. Soy audaz y decidida. Por eso me tomo muy en serio mi responsabilidad como Sailor Scout. Soy Sailor Mars. Y puedo adivinar que estás muy feliz por tener esta gran serie solo para ti. Cuídala mucho, ¡y que te proteja el fuego de Marte!"
  • 4 DVDs: Spanish and Japanese audio and Spanish subtitles
  • Special mug featuring Sailor Mars. (available only to customers who paid the set before April 20)
  • Two wall scrolls: One featuring the Talk Box cover and the other one featuring all the Inner Sailor Senshi plus Tuxedo Mask.


  • For this installment, the episode's previews were narrated by Mónica Manjarrez instead of Patricia Acevedo.


Talk Box Mars (whole set)
Talk Box Mars (DVD front cover)
DVD front cover
Talk Box Mars (DVD back cover)
DVD back cover

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