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Sailor Kakyuu
Sērā Kakyū


Resides in

Kinmoku; Tokyo (briefly)


Sailor Senshi


Princess Kakyuu, Sailor Fireball


"Guardian of Kinmoku"


Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Healer, Sailor Star Maker




Kinmoku humanoid

First Appearance

Act 57 - Stars 8

Sailor Kakyuu is Princess Kakyuu's Senshi form that only appears in the manga. Her attacks are centered around the Osmanthus olive blossom and tarot-like cards.



Sailor Kakyuu's fuku is unique among Sailor Senshi. Her crown is the same as in her princess form. She has a star tiara like the Starlights. The pins in her hair also remain from her princess form. Her choker is the same as her princess form as well; blue ribbon with a blossom in the center. She has a breastpiece like the Starlights, but orange-red. Her collar is also red. She has puffy armbands that are translucent orange. Her skirt is like her princess skirt, but shorter. It consists of many orange-red translucent petals. Her shoes curl into a point at the tips. Like the Starlights, her brooch is a star with wings.


Stars Arc

After their encounter with Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon and the return of Sailor Chibi Moon and the Sailor Quartet, Eternal Sailor Moon, Chibi Chibi, Chibi Moon, the Quartet, and Princess Kakyuu arrived at the Star Garden. Kakyuu announces that she will fight alongside them, and uses Kinmoku Star Power, Make Up, transforming into Sailor Kakyuu, the guardian of the planet Kinmoku. She attacks with Starlight Royal Straight Flush, breaking the capsules holding the crystals. Phi then uses Galactica Plants Blizzard, but she counters with Kinmoku Fusion Tempest. When Eternal Moon destroys Phi's bracelets and disappears, Sailor Chi stabs Sailor Kakyuu from behind with her staff. In her last words, if a new world begins, she hopes to see a world without fighting when they are all reborn together again. Kakyuu then passes away in Usagi's arms. It is a possibility that when all the Sailor Senshi's Star Seeds were freed from the Galaxy Cauldron and thus resurrecting the Senshi, Kakyuu was also revived


Transformation Phrases



  • It is unknown if, but it is highly assumed that, Princess Kakyuu and the Starlights returned to life after Chaos' defeat.


M kakyuu1
Sailor Kakyuu transforms
M kakyuu3
Kakyuu performs Starlights Royal Straight Flush
Flower Spin
Kakyuu performs Kinmoku Fusion Tempest
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