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Sailor Galaxia
Sērā Gyarakushia
Sailor Galaxia pic

Shadow Galactica

Resides in

Galaxia Palace


Leader of Shadow Galactica


Star Galaxia, Chaos Galaxia


Sailor Animamates






Humanoid alien

First Appearance

Act 50 - Stars 1

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Sailor Galaxia is one of the main antagonists in the final arc of the manga and anime. She is well known amongst the Galaxy for wreaking havoc and ruining worlds in her quest to obtain the strongest Senshi Crystal. She is the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the galaxy and the ruler of Shadow Galactica. She is known as the Soldier of Solitude and Destruction.



In her civilian form, Galaxia has long, wavy, flowing hair which is golden orange and gradates into a bright red. She wears a soft lime green dress that reaches down to her feet. She has red eyes.

As a Sailor Senshi, her uniform is not the same as the other Sailor Senshi in the anime and manga. Her Sailor Fuku is pure gold with a gold head dress, similar to a Russian kokoshnik. Her hair has been rolled back to fit into the headress, overall resembling a crown. She wears orange lipstick and light purple eyeshadow.


Sailor Galaxia was born on a planet she referred to as "trash" and lived alone and miserable for an unknown amount of time before discovering that she had the power of a Sailor Senshi. She deemed her world not good enough and so started on a quest to find a place she deemed worthy.

While wandering the universe in search of purpose, she became aware of the existence of a place where all the stars were born. One day, she was stopped by an incarnation of Chaos whom looked like Wiseman and mentioned this specific place, and he told her that the birthplace of the stars, the center of the galaxy, was the Sagittarius Zero Star.

Her beginning objective was to find more power, and to do so, she collected all the Sailor Crystals she could find. She formed her base of operations at the Galaxy Cauldron, the birthplace of the stars, and built an empire that she called Shadow Galactica, with her power centered at her castle, Galaxia Palace. As she sought out Sailor Crystals, she gained followers along the way to whom she promised power in return for their service and death to all who refused to join her. Some of those followers killed the Senshi of their home planets and stole their Sailor Crystals under Galaxia's order, and in turn they used that power to became the Sailor Animamates.

Galaxia knew, however, that Chaos was only helping her in order to have her do his dirty work. She was not powerful enough to defeat Chaos alone, and as a result she planned to use the strongest Senshi crystal, the Silver Crystal to defeat Chaos. Galaxia came to the Solar System and captured the Sailor Crystals of the Solar System Senshi, effectively killing them, while also finding other ways to torment Sailor Moon whom she believed was the reason war and evil existed, and thus why in her mind Sailor Moon, Chaos and the crystal needed to be destroyed. She then recreated the Senshi's bodies, as well as that of Prince Endymion, as her vessels and ordered them to fight Sailor Moon to cause her pain. If Sailor Moon were to succumb to anger and despair, Chaos could take control of her; their two opposing powers would cause both beings to self-destruct, leaving Sailor Galaxia as the strongest Sailor Senshi.

To this end, she threw the Solar System Senshi's Sailor Crystals into the Galaxy Cauldron, melting them into nothingness, and made Endymion kiss her boots before she threw him in as well. His death effectively caused the disappearance of Sailor Chibi Moon, who had arrived from the future to aid her mother. Sailor Moon's grief infused Chaos with power, but Chaos used that power not to strike Sailor Moon down, but against Galaxia herself, hurling her over the precipice toward the Cauldron. Sailor Moon saved Galaxia and protected her from Chaos' darkness with her own shining light, and when faced with Sailor Moon's purity, hope and love, Galaxia lost her will to fight. Her bracelets then shattered, killing her, her final thoughts being that Sailor Moon is the universe's brightest star, whose power was never hers to have and that she finally learned what it meant to be gifted with her own Senshi Crystal.. To be a Sailor Senshi.

It is a possibility that when all the Sailor Senshi's Star Seeds were freed from the Galaxy Cauldron and thus resurrecting the Senshi, Galaxia too was revived.


  • Galactica Super String - It appeared to generate a massive wave of cosmic force that Galaxia directed with her body.
  • Galactica Inflation - It appeared to generate a field of crackling dark power around Galaxia; she would then rush her enemy, overwhelming them with negative power.


  • Sailor Galaxia, while influenced to act by Chaos, was not under any possession or control by him, unlike her anime counterpart. Her poor choices were most likely the result of growing up on her wartorn and hatred-filled planet. In the end, she gained redemption by realizing what it truly meant to be a Sailor Senshi.
  • Sailor Galaxia has a Sailor Crystal that is almost as powerful as Sailor Moon's, with a similar title to Sailor Saturn's Senshi crystal, Destruction.
  • The Saffer Crystal, Galaxia's Starseed/Sailor Crystal, is similar in appearance to Sailor Moon's first manga broach.
  • Sailor Galaxia was one of the few Sailor Senshi who did not have a transformation phrase.
  • Sailor Galaxia's civilian name is unknown. Though, like Sailor Kakyuu, Galaxia could be her birth name rather than referring to a galaxy.

Galaxia in normal clothes
Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia
Galaxia stealing Mamoru's crystal
Galaxia before meeting Chaos
Mars-venus killed
Galaxia kills Sailor Mars and Venus, stealing their starseeds.

Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia Artbook 5
Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia in Artbook 5. Cover page for Act 50. Art by Naoko Takeuchi
Usagi and Galaxia Artbook 5
Usagi and Galaxia in Artbook 5. Cover page of Act 55. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.

Galaxia's concept art
More concept art for Galaxia

Shadow Galactica

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