Sailor Crystal

Sailor Crystals in anime

A Sailor Crystal is a Star Seed that belongs to every Sailor Senshi.

In the manga, a guardian Senshi who protects their respective planet possesses a special Star Seed called a Sailor Crystal. Star Seeds are the life force of individuals - they are the soul of a person. Star Seeds are born in the Galaxy Cauldron, but some of these Star Seeds develop into Sailor Crystals, which grow into planets and guardians for those planets.

Because each planet can have only one Sailor Crystal, each planet has only one senshi. Sailor Crystals enable senshi to transform, and give them their powers. When Sailor Senshi die, they can be reborn as long as their Sailor Crystal exists. The Crystal returns to the Galaxy Cauldron to be reborn, so that Crystals are inside each senshi at birth.

Sailor Crystals are not mentioned in the anime; It is only mentioned that Senshi have true Star Seeds which don't turn black when removed and continue to glow for all time.

List of known, Named Sailor Crystals


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