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Sailor Cosmos
Sērā Kosumosu
Cosmos and Chibi Chibi


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Sailor Senshi


Chibi Chibi




Eternal Sailor Moon


June 30th (Cancer)





First Appearance

Act 51 Stars 9

Sailor Cosmos is a Sailor Senshi who appears in the last two acts of the manga. She comes from a distant future, where all was destroyed, due to the battle with Chaos. After a long time fighting, she fled to the past in the form of Chibi Chibi to encourage Eternal Sailor Moon to defeat Chaos in the final battle of the series. Sailor Cosmos is the future Sailor Moon.


Sailor Cosmos only appears in the last arc of the manga.

Sailor Cosmos comes from a far distant future where Chaos has been reborn as Sailor Chaos. There is not much stated about the battles only that Cosmos had fled because already too much had been lost and for her, to continue fighting was no longer worth it.

She flees through time and disguises herself as Chibi Chibi in order to get close to her past self.


Several fans seem to be confused on whether or not Sailor Cosmos really is Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino's future self. Naoko Takeuchi has stated in an interview that Sailor Cosmos is Sailor Moon's future form in 1998 during the San Diego Comic Con and for the now-defunct Smile Magazine.

Still more fans have tried to claim that there is a different Sailor Moon in the future, or that perhaps she is a descendant or reincarnation. However the manga clearly states that when Cosmos had disguised herself as Chibi Chibi she did so in order to "get closer to her past self" which was Usagi Tsukino in her human form rather than her Sailor Moon form where a picture shows Chibi Chibi cradled in Usagi's arms. If it were a different Sailor Moon, she would have gone to a different time and person and there would have been no need for the flashback sequence showing Usagi while Cosmos said this. 

The descendant theory does not line up with canon either, given if she were, then when Chibiusa disappeared after Tuxedo Mask's death, so would have Cosmos if they were related. It is also stated several times over that the Queen only has one child, and if Chibiusa disappeared, all following generations would have disappeared along with her.

As for being a reincarnation, it is entirely possible. Very little is revealed about Cosmos' timeline, only that it is in a future far past Crystal Tokyo and she is indeed a future version of Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino. The consensus among fans is that Cosmos fled the fight because she was losing or she had been defeated but no where in the manga does it say that. This rumor was started when fans compared her fleeing and trying to get to her past self, Eternal Sailor Moon to destroy the Galaxy Cordon in order to destroy Chaos so he will never have a chance to be reborn as Sailor Chaos. However, this is not true. Cosmos came to the conclusion to go back in time to defeat Sailor Chaos by remembering the battle she had originally had with Sailor Chaos when she was Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chaos was only a shadow entity and not a Senshi. Everything in her world was destroyed, and she felt that the future she had come from had become so disastrous that it would be better to destroy the entire galaxy than let Chaos have the chance to be born as Sailor Chaos. The loss outweighed staying and winning in her mind  

So the truth would be that she did not run away because she was losing the battle, but that she had lost everyone and everything that had ever been important to her, and as is stated by Sailor Moon, her loved ones and the people of Earth were the reason she kept fighting to begin with. It is understandable that after losing everything and everyone she would act this way. In pleading with Eternal Sailor Moon to destroy the Cauldron, she is reminded of how she became Cosmos to begin with as she witnesses Eternal Sailor Moon's courage and self-sacrifice for the ones she loves. Cosmos tells Eternal Sailor Moon she becomes Cosmos when she is gifted with the Lambda power (the ultimate power, the power of hope) when she loses everything and everyone, so that she can save everything and everyone.

Reminded of her true power, she goes back to her future to defeat Sailor Chaos because she knows that despite losing everyone and everything, she can still see be with them again through the power of hope.


  • Sailor Cosmos is the last Sailor Senshi to appear.
  • Sailor Cosmos does not appear at all in the anime, though many fans have mistaken a screenshot silhouette of the Light of Hope for Sailor Cosmos.


Understanding Her Fate
Sailor Cosmos looking at the Sailor Crystals coming out of the Galaxy Cauldron.
Standing Tall
Sailor Cosmos introducing herself.
Sailor Cosmos
A close up on Sailor Cosmos' face.
Sailor Cosmos talking to the Sailor Quartet.
Cosmos and her Staff
Sailor Cosmos after she sends the Sailor Quartet back to where they belong.

The Light of Hope, who is frequently mistakened as Sailor Cosmos in the anime.
Sailor Cosmos Concept Art
Sailor Cosmos's early concept art
Sailor Cosmos on one of the cover flaps for volume 18
Chibi Cosmos
Sailor Cosmos on the back of Volume 12 of the shinzoban version of the manga.

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