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Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon (anime)
Chibi Chibi in Anime
Resides in

Tokyo (briefly)


Sailor Senshi


Sailor Moon
Sailor Galaxia


June 30th (♋️)





First Appearance

The Power of a Shining Star! Chibi Chibi's Transformation


Kotono Mitsuishi

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Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon is the Senshi identity of Chibi Chibi. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon keeps the same appearance in the anime as she did in the manga. Her uniform consisted of a white leotard with a pink chest bow and a pink heart brooch affixed to it. Her sailor collar was light blue with no stripes. She wore pink heart-shaped odango covers, her tiara was gold with a pink heart, and her earrings were pink heart studs. Her choker was hot pink with a red heart motif. She wore puffy sleeves with double rows of pink and yellow trims. Her gloves were white and the elbow pads were pink and yellow. Her skirt was light blue with a double trim of pink and yellow and had a pink back bow. She wore white knee-high boots with hot pink bordering and pink heart accents at the base.


Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Chibi Chibi was walking in the park when her umbrella flew away. Usagi caught it and gave it back to her, later coming back to her house to see her there. Ikuko said Chibi Chibi was Usagi's little sister but Usagi knew that wasn't true. She help fighting paghs by throw candies on floor make knight fall to floor. She transform to Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon form and gave Sailor Moon new power attack. When Star lights sang last song, Chibi Chibi was glowing pink that reveal that she is light of hope and Sailor Cosmos. She used her power to bring Sailor Scouts to where Star Sailor Scouts and Sailor Graxia are. She healed Sailor Moon and transform into her true form and change into sword that will help Sailor Moon but Galaxia destroyed the sword which cause her death. In end, she came back alive and left Earth to go back to where she come from.

Speculation Concerning Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Moon cannot be the same character as Chibi Chibi is Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed, and the scene involving the Light of Hope appears during episode 200 of the original anime.  As a Star Seed in the anime only, Chibi Chibi has many forms; she appears as a typical golden Star Seed when Galaxia casts her out of her body to protect her from Chaos's influence. Galaxia pleads with her Star Seed, which she has dubbed The Light of Hope, and tells her to find a new host, someone more worthy of carrying her star so that it will escape Chaos's influence. It then changes into a red butterfly and travels to Earth, having selected Usagi to be her new host, thus the reason for her new form of an adorable little girl who is a visual amalgamation of Chibiusa and Usagi with pink hair, blue eyes and heart-shaped odango with a like personality and appetite.

It is also revealed later on that she is capable of assuming a legitimate Senshi identity, Sailor Chibi Chibi. During the final battle she also changes into a sword and later back into her original form as a Star Seed where a silhouette is then seen walking to the floating and injured Usagi, the light hiding all of the silhouettes features aside from having hair like Eternal Sailor Moon, a skirt. wings and a cape. It can be assumed that if Usagi had fully grasped Chibi Chibi as her own Star Seed, that the form that is seen for a brief moment could have been Usagi's new form since Chibi Chibi's youthful was based on Usagi's appearance in order to get close to her, since she is the one worthy of being the new host. However, that is in theory and nothing has ever been stated about the enigmatic figure, not even her name.


  • Her transformation symbol may be a heart (♥). It is not a scientific sign, neither a representation of her origins.
    • Even though her transformation is not seen, she may share the same symbol as Sailor Chibi Moon.


Chibi Flying
Moons and Fire
SMSS 187 (infobox)
Chibi Chibi about to transform after touching Sailor Moon's tiare
SMSS 199 (infobox)
The final battle where she reveals her true self
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