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Sailor Chaos in the manga

Sailor Chaos is the Senshi form of Chaos. She appeared once in the last chapter of the manga, when Sailor Cosmos mentions her.

According to Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Chaos would appear in the very distant future, and was the mightiest enemy they have ever faced. Their battle techniques were not developed enough to even stand a chance. Sailor Chaos caused war and destruction to such an extent that even if she was defeated and peace could be restored, it was unrecoverable from the huge damage. She was the main reason why Sailor Cosmos fled to the past.

Sailor Chaos came into existence in the future partly because in the present, Sailor Moon chose not to destroy Chaos along with the Galaxy Cauldron. Sailor Cosmos returned to the future, and the result of the war between her and Sailor Chaos was never revealed.

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