Sailor Ceres
Sērā Seresu

Crystal Tokyo

Resides in

Crystal Tokyo


Sailor Senshi




Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Quartet






Sailor Vesta, Sailor Juno, Sailor Pallas (sisters)

First Appearance

Act 49 - Dream 11, Earth and Moon Dream

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Sailor Ceres is the oldest and most mature member of the Sailor Quartet along with Sailor Juno, Sailor Vesta, and Sailor Pallas. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Sailor Ceres has the same hair, skin colour and eyes as CereCere. She only has one yellow bow but has the same flower earrings. Ceres' fuku is pink with a dark purple bow on her chest and a light pink bow on her skirt. Her gloves are as long as the eternal sailor senshi and she has the tern all sailor senshi boots. Her collar has no lines on it and her tiara has a pink star in the centre.


Dream Arc

After the Amazoness Quartet was defeated and reverted to their Amazon Stones, they were brought to Neo-Queen Serenity by Sailor Saturn where she asked the queen to use her power on them. As a result, the Sailor Quartet appeared, and revealed that they had been sleeping in the Amazon until Sailor Chibi Moon needed them as guardians. The four Sailor Senshi then returned to their sleep until the 30th Century.

Stars Arc

When Chibiusa (in the 30th Century), felt that Sailor Moon and everyone else's lifes were in danger, she transformed determined to travel back in time and help them. At that moment, Sailor Ceres and the rest of the Sailor Quartet appeared to go tho the past with Chibi Moon. Once they arrived they found Sailor Moon, Princess Kakyu and Sailor Chibi-Chibi hanging from crosses due to their fight against Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon. The Quartet and Chibi Moon freed them, and the Quarter then destroyed the evil senshi with one attack. Later, in the battle against Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi they helped withstanding Phi's attacks, but when Sailor Moon had to fight the Solar System Senshi that were turned evil, the Quartet was defeated by a combination of Sailor Mercury's Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and Sailor Mars' Mars Flame Sniper, while attempting to shield Sailor Moon.




Her senshi name "Sailor Ceres" and her civillian alias, "CereCere", comes from an actual asteroid, Ceres. This was the first asteroid to be identified and, along with Vesta, Pallas and Juno, it used to be considered as a planet. Nowadays, it is classified as a dwarf planet.


  • In the Mixx translation of the manga, she was called "Sailor Celis". This was most likely due to a translation error, which is rather fatal. Referring to the Urban Dictionary, anyone with the name "Celis" is under the protection of the Mafia.
  • She is the Asteroid Senshi counterpart to Sailor Venus.
  • Although she does not have an official transformation symbol like the other Sailor Senshi, there is a scientific symbol for the dwarf planet Ceres (⚳) which is the sickle of the Roman goddess of harvest.


Sailor Quartet Poll
The Sailor Quartet on the poll for the Stars arc
The Quartet's appearance after Chibi Moon's Transformation
The Quartet appears
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