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The Offical Poster
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco
S.H.Figuarts are posable figurines, produced by Bandai. Included with them are, apart basic accessories such as stands and bases for posing, changeable hands, faces, and also pets and items.

The first Sailor Moon figure was produced in 2013. Now they are on sale, and also are on-going.

Sailor Moon

  • Release Date: August 2013
  • Set Includes:
    • Sailor Moon
    • Six face plates (Four in subsequent releases)
    • Six left hands
    • Four right hands
    • Tiara
    • Moon Stick
    • Luna
Sailor Moon striking her finish pose.
Sailor Moon with the Moon Stick.
Sailor Moon performing Moon Tiara Action.
Sailor Moon Posed
Sailor Moon performing Moon Healing Escalation.
Sailor Moon Winks.
Sailor Moon begins to cry.
All of Sailor Moon's faces.
All of Sailor Moon's hands.
All Sailor Moon's items.
Contest-exclusive Sailor Moon figuart.

Sailor Mercury

  • Release Date: October 2013
  • Set Includes:
    • Sailor Mercury
    • Four face plates
    • Six left hands
    • Five right hands
    • 2 Mini Computers (One open, one closed)
    • An alternate hair fringe with her goggles attatched
Sailor Mercury doing her finishing pose
Mercury Figurine with Goggles and Computer
Sailor Mercury with her goggles and her computer.
Sabao Spray Figurine Pose 2
Sabao Spray Figurine Pose
Sailor Mercury Stance 2
Sailor Mercury Stance 3
Sailor Mercury Stance 4
Sailor Mercury posing with Sailor Moon

Sailor Mars

  • Release Date: December 2013
  • Set includes:
    • Sailor Mars
    • Four face plates
    • Six left hands
    • Five right hands
    • One Ofuda
Sailor Mars doing her finishing pose.
Sailor Mars holding an ofuda.
Sailor Mars performing Fire Soul.
Sailor Mars posed.
Sailor Mars performing Burning Mandala.
Sailor Mars posed.
Sailor Mars pointing.

Sailor Jupiter

  • Release Date: July 2014[1]

Sailor Venus

  • Release Date: April 2014
  • Set includes:
    • Sailor Venus
    • Sailor V goggles
    • Artemis
    • Changeable Faces x4
    • Left Wrists x4
    • Right Wrists x3
Sailor Venus doing her finishing pose
Sailor Venus posing
Sailor Venus posed with happy features.
Sailor Venus doing Crescent Beam
Sailor Venus about to attack
Sailor Venus with her goggles equipped

Sailor Saturn

The full prototype for Sailor Saturn was revealed on the Wonder Festival 2014, along side with the inner Senshi, equipped with her Silence Glaive. [2]She has plans to be released sometime in August 2014, and her retail price is 4,860円


Sailor Moon Photo Contest

Official Flyer
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco
Because of Sailor Moon S.H.Figuarts' release, Naoko Takeuchi had decided to do a photo contest based around on fans to upload, and share photos with their posed Sailor Moon Figuart. There is about two categories, one being "Pretty" and "Soldier", if winning on one of them, Naoko by herself, would give rare, and special goods to the winners by her. The entering was until August 31st.[3]

Winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

Pretty Category

"Swing of the Moon"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Swing of the Moon (お月様のブランコ Otsukisama no Buranko)
Creator Princess (姫 Hime)
Appeal Point (literal translation) The background is with light pink, and it is decorated with a chain of beads, and to express the beauty of Sailor Moon swinging the Moon-Stick, I made a glitter-like swinging!! Because the 2 twin tail of Sailor Moon fell through the swinging, I moved one twin tail to express movement, and not to get in the way of the moon-like stick. To make the moon-stick swinging prettier, I used my best smartphone apps to edit it into glitter!!

Naoko Takeuchi's Comment for the picture

  • I chose this as the winner, because it was a pretty masterpiece which contained power in the background! Also the work with Usagi-chan being happy, and carrying the glittery Moon-Stick was a masterpiece.

"Make Up!!"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Make Up!!
Creator Kerorin (けろりん Kerorin)
Appeal Point (literal translation) I covered the whole room with light pink roses as Usagi-chan is on a full make-up room. I will never forget the girl's mind even if I became a Sailor Senshi. I put the mirror Crystal Star, which was from the Sailor Moon Cosmetics, and it was cherish. The atmosphere became pretty by the pink pretty flowers, and was also captured on behind the mirror. One point is the raised leg, making it a charming pose.

"Usual Guardian Angel"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Usual Guardian Angel (いつも助けてくれる人 Itsumo tasukete kureru hito)
Creator kimi
Appeal Point (literal translation) Tuxedo Kamen always appeared when Sailor Moon was on a pinch. I was taken with Tuxedo Kamen's image when...always being in the heart of Sailor Moon, even if not fighting. Because of this, I gave a romantic atmosphere by just putting a mirror. Also because the back of the Sailor Moon Figuart is pretty, I did the mirror, as you could see both of the sides of the Figuart.

Soldier Category

"Moon Healing Escalation!"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Moon Healing Escalation! (ムーン・ヒーリング・エスカレーション! Mūn Hīringu Esukarēshon!)
Creator Marie (マリー Marī)
Appeal Point (literal translation) Because the competition was about focusing on facial expression, and movement, this time I chose to do about the silhouette of the Figuart. I love the silhouette of Sailor Moon!!

Naoko Takeuchi's Comment for the picture

  • When I saw this picture, its idea caught my very eyes. It was a cool, and I had a feeling of throbbing impulse of Sailor Moon.

"Everyone, Give Me Strength!"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Everyone, Give Me Strength! (みんな、私に力を! Min'na, Watashi ni Chikara o!)
Creator Achamoon (アチャムーン Achamūn)
Appeal Point (literal translation) With hope, Sailor Moon summons the power of the five Senshi to gather safely. The combination of the light, and sparkling beauty in the photo processing was representing the characteristics of Usagi-chan, and each Senshi, and feelings.

"Nakayoshi Series' First Legend is Born!"
Cure CocoAdded by Cure Coco

Title Nakayoshi Series' First Legend is Born! (なかよし連載第一回扉絵 伝説誕生! Nakayoshi Rensai Daiichikai Tobirae Densetsu Tanjō!)
Creator Yuka
Appeal Point (literal translation) I tried to return back the first series of Sailor Moon published by "Nakayoshi" with the figurine. It was fun to find the cloth fitting the role of the figurine, by the handcraft shop. The cloth was Sailor Moon's cloak in red, and white. When I first read Sailor Moon published by Nakayoshi, it was a good opportunity, and the picture I was inspired was cool, and Luna was the partner for all this time. I noticed that the color of 5, and rainbows was the color of the Senshi. I remembered when Sailor Moon wore the cloak, it was cool, and original. I love the colored illustrations of Naoko Takeuchi sensei!!!


New Figuart Image

Pictures of the prototype versions of Mars, Venus and Jupiter's figurines from Figure Maniacs Monthly.
Venus and Mars
A prototype version of the Venus figurine on display with a finished version of the Mars figurine.
Magazine scan of SH Figuarts Sailor Venus' colored prototype
First Preview of a Colored Jupiter
Sailor Saturn's uncolored prototype

All of the figurines on display. Note that this was taken before Mars' figurine was released.
Mars' figurine on display
The Figuarts at the booth
All of figures on display, along with the Groove Inc. doll

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  2. News on Twitter
  3. Official Page of the Contest
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