René García
230px-Rene Garcia 4
Full Name

René Francisco García Miranda


March 12, 1970



BirthplaceMexico D.F.

Voice actor, radio announcer, dubbing director

SM Roles

Mexican dub:

René García is a Mexican voice actor who worked in the Mexican of Sailor Moon as the voice of Jadeite and Rubeus. He also voiced Ned in episode 108.[1]

He started his voice actor career working to the dubbing studio Procineas S.C.L. Today, he is usually chosen to voice movie stars such as Ben Affleck (Runner Runner, Argo, Daredevil) and Keanu Reeves (Speed, The Matrix Revolutions, 47 Ronin). However, he rose to fame as the voice of the villain Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z and its sequel; and Cygnus Hyōga in Saint Seiya, which earned him recognition among colleagues and anime fans.[2]

He has worked as a voice actor in theater, videogames, TV, radio and advertising. He is currently active.


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