Rare Track Collection
Rare Track Collection



Live-action, soundtrack



# of tracks


Release date

September 22, 2004

The Rare Track Collection was a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon CD that contained a collection of background music from the live-action series

Track List

  1. The Fortuneteller's Arab Riddle
  2. Elegant Day of Adults
  3. Gradually Go Collect Ideas
  4. The Young General of Sports
  5. It's a Monster
  6. The March of Evil Rapidly Advances
  7. Sparkle Glitter
  8. It was an Enjoyable Day
  9. Offer Pack
  10. Omitting the Pace, Raising the Pace, Stealing the Pace, Slowly Slowly
  11. Acoustic Piano Theme Tune Arrangement
  12. Floating, Blurred Walking
  13. The Melody that Love Overflows from Massive Troubles
  14. Anxiety All Night, Dark Dark Night, Trudging Walk
  15. A Serious Separation
  16. Monster's Appearance
  17. Refined Behaviour
  18. Troublesome Love Triangle
  19. Sad Sad Piano
  20. Mio Kuroki's Theme
  21. The First of Darkness
  22. Hustle and Bustle of the City
  23. Languid Night
  24. The Spread of Darkness, Chiimaa-tachi
  25. Dark Fate
  26. Fear Welling Up
  27. Lonely Satii
  28. Advance Army of Monsters
  29. Fate Spurs on Only the Serious
  30. To Desire of Tomorrow
  31. The Heroine's Tragedy
  32. To Pine for Endymion-sama
  33. Princess's Peaceful Days
  34. Endymion's Decision
  35. Princess's Awakening of Love
  36. Endymion-sama's Honour
  37. To Sway a Girl's Mind
  38. Having a Dream for Tomorrow
  39. Awakening of the Sailor Soldiers
  40. Triumphal Return of Victory
  41. Luna's Walk
  42. Friendship
  43. The Princess's Lonely Harp

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