Quiz!! Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon - Luck, Intellect and Physical Strength- (Kuizu! Bishōjo senshi sērāmūn ~ chiryoku tairyoku-ji no un ~ /クイズ!美少女戦士セーラームーン ~知力・体力・時の運~) is a Japanese video game released exclusively for arcade game-machines in 1997.


After the player has chosen a Senshi, the game will begin. In order to advance, the player must throw the digital die. The player will move forward the number of steps shown on the dice; this is where he or she will encounter a monster-of-the-day (or boss). The player is then automatically entered into a quiz.

After answering several questions, the player returns to the map, and can roll the dice again.

Apart from quizzes, the game has several other features; including: animated scenes, full-screen animation, voice overs, music and much more.

Two player mode is supported.


  • During a quiz, the player can gain different bonuses and prizes.
  • Sailor Mercury will appear and give the player hints from time to time.


Basic game process with a question being offered and several answer to choose from.
A scene with the Senshi interacting.
A mini game with Sailor V racing Luna-P
Example of the game's full screen animation

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