Queen Serenity (anime)
Kuin Sereniti
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Moon Kingdom

Resides in

Moon Palace, Moon Kingdom


Queen of the Moon Kingdom


the Inner Senshi




Moon humanoid


Princess Serenity (daughter)
King Endymion (son-in-law)
Chibiusa (granddaughter)

First Appearance

Memories Return! Usagi and Mamoru's Past (nonspeaking) Usagi's Awakening! A Message From the Distant Past (speaking)


Mika Doi (original anime)
Barbara Radecki and Wendy Lyon (DiC English dub)
Wendee Lee (Viz Media English dub

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Queen Serenity was the ruler of the Moon Kingdom during the time of the Silver Millennium, as is the mother of Princess Serenity. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.




Sailor Moon

In the original anime's first season, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus all ended up on the Moon when Kunzite attacked them at the North Pole with a dimension/temporal attack. Though they could have ended up in any random place or time, it seemed the Moon Stick guided them safely to the Moon. Once there, they found the ruins of the Moon Kingdom. They made contact with an image of Queen Serenity who explained the history of the Moon Kingdom and then sent the Sailor Senshi back to the Earth.

Sailor Moon R

After this, Queen Serenity had appeared only once, in episode 51. Her spirit appeared in Usagi's subconscious mind after Usagi had been attacked by a Cardian. Serenity returned the Silver Crystal to Usagi, merging it with her Transformation Brooch (thus creating the much stronger Crystal Star Brooch) and also gave her the Cutie Moon Rod to aid her in her quest.

Sailor Moon SuperS

Although she never actually appeared, Queen Serenity was referenced many times by Luna and Artemis, and by Queen Nehellenia. It was told that some time ago, during Silver Millennium, she had ordered the evil Queen of Darkness, Nehellenia, sealed in a mirror within the new moon; and may have utilized the vastly powerful abilities of the Silver Crystal to do so.


  • In her first appearance in the original anime, episode 35, Queen Serenity had had blond hair; the same as her daughter. In her subsequent appearances, her hair was silver like it's supposed to be.


Calling to Her Child
Queen Serenity crying over the death of her daughter
Queen Serenity
Tumblr lsg5qvLYyy1qbauwgo1 400
Sacrifice of a Queen
Queen Serenity dies after using the power of the Silver Crystal
Queenserenity a06
Moon Queen
Queen Serenity after giving Sailor Moon the Cutie Moon Rod
Usagi talking with Queen Serenity's spirit.
Sailor Moon with the spirit of Queen Serenity

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