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Queen Metaria (Crystal)
Kuin Metaria

Dark Kingdom

Resides in

Dark Kingdom
North Pole


Supreme ruler of the Dark Kingdom


Queen Beryl (servant/minion)


Extraterrestrial being of pure dark energy

First Appearance

Act 7 - Mamoru Chiba, Tuxedo Mask


Yoko Matsuoka (Japanese)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)

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Queen Metaria was a malignant, amorphous dark energy being, and was the true mastermind and leader of the Dark Kingdom. This is the Crystal depiction of the original manga character.



Queen Metaria appears as a dark purple shadow creature with glowing eyes and red mouth and a bright reddish purple diamond-shaped object on the forehead.


Queen Metaria first appears in Act 7, where Queen Beryl gives her human energy. She talks to her about getting hold of the Silver Crystal. She is Beryl's secret true master, confidant, and advisor. Queen Metaria's second appearance is in Act 10, where she tells Beryl to get rid of Tuxedo Mask, although she convinces her not to, saying he can still be useful. Queen Metaria wants feeds on human energy and wants to to obtain the Silver Crystal. She was sealed away by the Moon Kingdom until Queen Beryl released her in the present. She is a creature that devours the life energy of all the creatures on the planet. She generates darkness and turns everything into rock. The mark on her forehead leads to her destruction. The Inner Senshi try to stop Queen Metalia by using their transformation pens, but they lose their lives. She is destroyed when Usagi, with the help of the Silver Crystal, Mamoru, the Legendary Sword and the other Inner Senshi.


  • She was the very first female villain to be destroyed by the Silver Crystal.


Metaria death
Metaria vanquished by Sailor Moon

Dark Kingdom