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Queen Beryl (anime)

Kuin Beriru

Queen Beryl

Dark Kingdom

Resides in

D Point


Commander of the Dark Kingdom


Super Beryl


Shitennou, Queen Metalia, Prince Endymion




Alien humanoid

First Appearance

Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation


Keiko Han (original anime)
Naz Edwards (English dub)

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Queen Beryl was the commander of the Dark Kingdom. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Queen Beryl has long, wavy red hair and orange eyes. She is always shown wearing a long, purple maxi dress, a golden choker with an indigo gem in the center, turquoise earrings, silver bracelets and a black forehead tiara.

After transforming into Super Beryl, she grew into a larger form, and had green hair and green skin with a jewel on her forehead.


Her goal was to find the Silver Crystal and take over the world. She had four generals to assist her named Jadeite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Kunzite.

At first, Beryl was trying to collect energy for Queen Metalia. Jadeite would attempt to steal energy from groups of people by attaching items charged with dark energy to them, only to be thwarted repeatedly by Sailor Moon. She issued Jadeite an ultimatum, that if he failed to destroy the Sailor Senshi, he would be condemned to Eternal Sleep, a horrible punishment involving the victim being permanently frozen, and then "condemned for the most profound darkness forever". Jadeite was defeated in the end, so Queen Beryl gave him his Eternal Sleep and put Nephrite in charge. Nephrite tried to gather energy from one person at a time, but was foiled by Sailor Moon each time. Beryl threatened him with the same fate as Jadeite.

After Nephrite betrayed the Dark Kingdom and was subsequently killed, Beryl managed to get some energy for Queen Metalia, who proceeded to give her a new task: Find the seven Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. She assigned Zoisite with this task, though Tuxedo Mask got some of the crystals, and Sailor Moon got a few but
Beryl Negaforce
Super Beryl
Ghostkaiba297Added by Ghostkaiba297
was forced to hand them over to Zoisite. Soon Beryl turned Mamoru Chiba evil, and Zoisite challenged him to a duel over the crystals, but double-crossed him. First, Kunzite appeared and took all the crystals. Then, against Beryl's orders, Zoisite tried to kill Tuxedo Mask, and was subsequently killed by Queen Beryl as punishment. In the end, Sailor Moon got the Silver Crystal, though Beryl did manage to turn Mamoru evil.

As Sailor Moon possessed the Silver Crystal, Queen Beryl assigned Kunzite and Mamoru to find her and get the crystal back from her, though they refused to work together. Soon Mamoru was healed by Sailor Moon but recaptured by Kunzite and turned evil again by Beryl. Before the latter happened, however, Kunzite was killed by Sailor Moon, and the Sailor Senshi headed over to the Dark Kingdom. Beryl sent the DD Girls after them, and all but Sailor Moon were killed, including the DD Girls. Beryl transported Sailor Moon to the Dark Kingdom and arranged a fight between her and Mamoru. She was able to heal him using the locket, however, and as Beryl attempted to throw a giant spike at them, he threw a rose at her, shattering the spike and hitting her directly.

Beryl dies
Beryl is destroyed.
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While asking Queen Metalia to help her win, Metalia gave Beryl one last chance, possessing her, transforming into Super Beryl. She fought Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serenity. After colliding their powers, Serenity, using the Silver Crystal and with the aid of her friends, was able to destroy Beryl and Metalia once and for all.

Following Queen Beryl's defeat, the other Sailor Senshi returned, although they and Usagi lost all memory of being friends or Sailor Senshi, until the time came at the beginning of Sailor Moon R.



Beryl 10
Queen Beryl of the Dark Kingdom.
Character design Queen Beryl
Character design sheet for Queen Beryl.
Character design sheet 2 Queen Beryl

Dark Kingdom
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