Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S is a 2D fighting game made for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console . Released in 1995, it features most of the main characters from Sailor Moon S (minus Sailor Saturn). Each Sailor Senshi has her own set of attacks from both the anime and manga series as well as their signature finishing moves that can be used once the special meter gauge is full.

Sailor Moon 3DO Screen

Sailor Moon S 3DO Game

Game Menu

The game offers a variety of options for the player's own entertainment and perusal.

Super Battle

VS Battle

  • 1P VS COM
  • 1P VS 2P

Team Battle

  • 1P VS COM
  • 1P VS 2P



Playable Characters

Sailor Moon Portrait
Sailor Moon
Sailor Mercury Portrait
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars Portrait
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter Portrait
Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Venus Portrait
Sailor Venus
Sailor Uranus Portrait
Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune Portrait
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto Portrait
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Chibi Moon Portrait
Sailor Chibi Moon
Super Sailor Moon Portrait
Super Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon's Move List

Body Attack Moon Screw Punch Moon Tiara Action Moon Spiral Heart Attack
(During Mid-Air) ←→ + Punch →↓→ + Punch ↓→ + Punch →↓←→ + Punch

Sailor Mercury's Move List

Air Throw Reverse Spin Kick Shabon Spray Shine Aqua Illusion
(During Mid-Air & Near Opponent) → + Punch →↓→ + Kick ↓→ + Punch

↓←↓→ + Punch

Sailor Mars's Move List

Mars Snake Fire Spinning Raven Fire Soul Burning Mandala
→↓→ + Punch ↓← + Kick ←↓→ + Punch ↓→↓← + Punch

Sailor Jupiter's Move List

Double Axel Thunder Storm Supreme Thunder Sparkling Wide Pressure
→↓→ + Kick ↓←→ + Kick ↓→ + Punch ↓→←→ + Punch

Sailor Venus's Move List

Crescent Boomerang Crescent Beam Rolling Heart Vibration Venus Love Me Chain
→← + Punch ↓→ + Punch ←↓→ + Punch →↓←→ + Punch

Sailor Uranus's Move List

Somersault Kick Air Slash Spiral Buster World Shaking
↓→← + Kick →↓→ + Punch (Near Opponent) ↓←↓→ + Punch ←↓→↓ + Punch

Sailor Neptune's Move List

Sea Serpent Strangle Tidal Wave Splash Edge Deep Submerge
↓←→ + Punch ↓↓ + Punch →↓→ + Punch →←↓→ + Punch

Sailor Pluto's Move List

Destiny Spin Star Twilight Dead Scream Time Stop
Punch Repeatedly (Near Opponent) →↓←→ + Punch ←↓→ + Punch ← (Hold 1 Second) → + Punch

Sailor Chibi Moon's Move List

Cyclondo Aerial Rapid Punch Luna-P Attack Pink Sugar Heart Attack
→←→ + Kick (During Mid-Air & Near Opponent) → + Punch ↓→ + Punch ←↓→← + Punch

Super Sailor Moon's Move List

Moon Strike Super Rabbit Flip Moon Tiara Action Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
(During Mid-Air) ↓→ + Punch (Near Opponent) ↓←↓→ + Punch ↓→ + Punch →↓←→ + Punch

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