This is a list of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal merchandise.


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Starter Book

A starter book for the new anime is set to be released in Summer 2014. The book will include interviews with the cast and information for the fans.[1]
Sailor Moon 2014 guidebook

Bento Boxes


Sailor Senshi Tiara Rings

On July 4th, it was announced that rings based off of the Inner Sailor Senshi's tiaras will be released in the middle of October. The rings are silver925/k18 rings and each of them will have a Swarovski crystal.[2]

SM Tiara Rings
A poster featuring the rings
Rings alone
All of the rings
The ring based off of Sailor Moon's tiara
The ring based off of Sailor Mercury's tiara
The ring based off of Sailor Mars' tiara
The ring based off of Sailor Jupiter's tiara
The ring based off of Sailor Venus' tiara.

"Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal" DVDs

Sailor Moon Earrings

Pre-orders for a pair of earrings based off of Sailor Moon's earrings in the new anime opened on July 17th. The earrings are made out of synthetic crystal pearls, .925 sterling silver, and K18 gold. Each pair costs 14,040 yen after tax and they will begin to be shipped in October.[3]

Crystal Earrings Poster
Crystal Earrings

Sailor Moon Crystal Eau de Toilette

Prenium Bandai started accepting pre-orders for a Sailor Moon Crystal version of the new Sailor Moon perfume on July 22 (July 23 in Japan). Its fragrance will have bergamot, lemon, green apple, and peach on the top, rose, peony, and jasmine in the middle, and musk, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla on the bottom. It will cost 5,400 yen and it will be released in December 2014.[4]
EDT Crystal
Crystal Perfume Poster
Crystal Perfume

Visual Book

On July 24, Amazon Japan started accepting pre-ordes for a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon visual book. The book will be published by Kodansha and it will include information on the voice actors, staff, merchandise, music, and settings, as well as pictures of Momoiro Clover Z and a DVD that contains the trailer for the anime. It was released on August 22 for 1,400 yen.[5][6]

Crystal Mook

Goods Set

Sold at Comiket between August 15th and August 17th. Inculded tote bags, shirts, mini towels, and a poster.[7]

Crystal Goods Set

Crystal Brooch Pendant

On August 26, Premium Bandai started accepting pre-orders for a necklace with a pendant similar to Usagi's transformation brooch. The pendant has five Swarovski crystals, is 925 silver, and its measurements are 2.3cm x 2.3cm while the chain is 45cm long. It costs 14,850yen and is expected to be released in November 2014.[8]

Brooch necklace
Brooch necklace 2
Crystal Make Up Jewelry

Sailor Sisters Collection - Crystal Character Pattern Jackets

Announced on August 28, 2014, these iPhone cases will be available for the iPhone 5 and 5s in November 2014 for 2000 yen each. They are made by Gourmandise.[9]
Sailor Sisters Collection - Crystal Senshi iPhone Jackets
The character jackets.

Character Poster Collection

Announced on September 1, 2014, the character poster collection pre-orders will begin September 16, 2014, and will be released in October 2014 for 500 yen each. There are 16 different posters and their dimensions are 18.2cm × 51.5cm.[10]

Character Poster Collection

1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Announced on September 1, 2014, the puzzle pre-order will begin September 16, 2014, and will be released in October 2014 for 3200 yen. The dimension of the puzzle is 50cm x 75cm.[10]

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
The puzzle

150-Piece Mini Puzzles

Announced on September 1, 2014, the puzzles pre-order will begin September 16, 2014, and will be released in October 2014 for 600 yen each. There are five puzzles, and their dimensions are 10 cm in width and 14.7 cm in length.[10]

150 Piece Mini Puzzles
The puzzles

Jumbo Cushions

It was announced on August 29 that Movic will be making five jumbo cushions with characters from the anime on them. Each cushion measures 40cm x 60cm and costs 3500 yen. They will be released on October 23, 2014.[11]

Jumbo Cushions
The cushions.

Rubber Straps

These items will be sold at Animate Girls Festival 2014, which will take place in Ikebukuro, Japan on November 8th and November 9th. The straps feature chibi versions of the Shitennou and measure 6.5cm x 4.5cm. The whole set will cost 2,000 yen.[12]

Sailor Moon Crystal key chains

Chara Badge Collection

This collection will also be sold at Animate Girls Festival 2014. The collection consists of nine tin badges featuring many different characters, specifically the Inner Sailor Senshi and the Shitennou. Each badge is 5.4 in diameter and costs 250 yen.[12]

Sailorr Mon Crystal Badges

Tote Bags


Mini Towels

Movic will also release five mini towels with the Inner Sailor Senshi on them. They measure 23cm x 23cm and cost 500 yen each. They will also be released on October 23, 2014.[11]
Mini Towels
The mini towels.

Mini towels featuring the Shitennou were also announced.


Muffler Towel


Henshin Pen T-Shirts


Hair Tie Scrunchie








Glass Cup




Re Ment



Sailormoon-crystal-wigs-costumes-official2014 (1)


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