Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Le Mouvement Final ~ is a Sailor Moon musical that's showing from September 9th to October 1st 2017. The series is set to be based on the Stars arc of the Sailor Moon manga. It was announced on April 8, 2017 as part of the Sailor Moon 25th anniversary.


Usagi goes to see Mamoru off at the airport as he heads off to Harvard University in the US to study aboard, Mamoru's body is shattered to pieces and Usagi loses her memory of what happens and faints. A member of idol group the Three Lights named Seiya is there to catch and comfort her. During that day, the three lights and Usagi and her friend plan to perform at a music festival, however a new enemy called "Shadow Galactica," which are Sailor Soliders who want to steal Sailor Crystals for their leader Sailor Galaxia! Simultaneously, a mysterious little girl called Chibi Chibi and new Sailor Soliders called the Sailor Starlights also appears and now its Sailor Soliders vs Sailor Soliders in a war where the future of the universe is at stake!


  • Creator – Naoko Takeuchi (Kodansha Press)
  • Screen play and  Production – Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Music – Toshihiko Sahashi
  • Lyrics – Lynne Hobday, Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Choreography – Satomi Toma
  • Artwork – Chiho Tsunoda
  • Acoustics –  Kouichi Moritani, Satoshi Nakajima
  • Lighting – Hidenori Kobayashi
  • Filming – Hiroki Arakawa
  • Costumes – Hiroki Okushima
  • Hair and Makeup – Keikou Hyou, Akiko Imura
  • Vocal Coach – Tadamichi Izumi
  • Fight Scene Choreographer – Masanori Tomita
  • Music Assistant – Yuria Tobe
  • Assistant Director – Satomi Sugizaki
  • Rehearsal Piano – Shiori Yasumoto
  • Stage Director: Kenichi Konno
  • Promotional Artwork – Shinjirou Eguchi
  • Promotional Photography – Yuusuke Miyake



  • "Le Mouvement Final" is French for "The Final Movement."
  • Unlike previous years, the title for this year's Sera Myu was announced in the USA first, on April 7th, 2017, before the official site posted the news.
  • Satomi Okubo (Sailor Cosmos) returns after playing Sailor Moon in La Reconquista, Petite Étrangère, and Un Nouveau Voyage.
  • Riona Tatemichi (Sailor Star Maker) returns from Petite Étrangère (playing Rubeus) and in Amour Eternal she also played Tiger's Eye.
  • Transformations used in this musical: Moon Crisis Make Up and Moon Eternal Make Up
  • Attacks used: Galactica Crunch, Supreme Thunder, Mars Flame Sniper, [[Mercury Aqua Rhapsody]], [[Venus Love and Beauty Shock]], [[Galactica Puppet]], [[Dead Scream]], [[Silence Glaive Surprise]], [[Moon Gorgeous Meditation]], [[Star Gentle Uterus]], [[Star Sensitive Inferno]], Cosmos Crystal Lambda Power, [[Space Sword Blaster]], [[Submarine Reflection]], [[Galactica Tornado]], [[Deep Submerge]], [[Galactica Tsunami]], [[Chronos_Typhoon]], [[Galactica Inflation]], [[Space Turbulence]], [[Submarine_Violon_Tide]], [[Galactica Super String]], [[Star Serious Laser]], [[Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss]], [[Kinmoku_Fusion_Tempest]], Mercury Aqua Galactica Rhapsody, Jupiter Oak Galactica Evolution, Mars Flame Galactica Sniper, [[Venus_Love_and_Galactica_Shock]], Galactica Smoking Bomber, Galactica Chronos Typhoon, [[Silence Wall]], Galactica Space Sword, Galactica Mirror Tide, [[Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss]], Sailor Crystal Power and [[Silver Moon Crystal Eternal Power]].