Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - ~ Le Mouvement Final ~ is a Sailor Moon musical that's showing from September 9th to October 1st 2017. The series is set to be based on the Stars arc of the Sailor Moon manga. It was announced on April 8, 2017 as part of the Sailor Moon 25th anniversary.


  • Creator – Naoko Takeuchi (Kodansha Press)
  • Screen play and  Production – Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Music – Toshihiko Sahashi
  • Lyrics – Lynne Hobday, Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Choreography – Satomi Toma
  • Artwork – Chiho Tsunoda
  • Acoustics –  Kouichi Moritani, Satoshi Nakajima
  • Lighting – Hidenori Kobayashi
  • Filming – Hiroki Arakawa
  • Costumes – Hiroki Okushima
  • Hair and Makeup – Keikou Hyou, Akiko Imura
  • Vocal Coach – Tadamichi Izumi
  • Fight Scene Choreographer – Masanori Tomita
  • Music Assistant – Yuria Tobe
  • Assistant Director – Satomi Sugizaki
  • Rehearsal Piano – Shiori Yasumoto
  • Stage Director: Kenichi Konno
  • Promotional Artwork – Shinjirou Eguchi
  • Promotional Photography – Yuusuke Miyake



  • "Le Mouvement Final" is French for "The Final Movement."
  • Unlike previous years, the title for this year's Sera Myu was announced in the USA first, on April 7th, 2017, before the official site posted the news.
  • Satomi Okubo (Sailor Cosmos) returns after playing Sailor Moon in La Reconquista, Petite Étrangère, and Un Nouveau Voyage.
  • Riona Tatemichi (Sailor Star Maker) returns from Petite Étrangère (playing Rubeus) and Amour Eternal.


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