Pretty Cast
Puriti Kyasuto
Full Name

Leona (玲桜奈) and Elena (絵玲奈)


since 1995


Three O'Clock Fairy
Sunshine Moonlight
Let's Meet at the Morning Moon

Pretty Cast was a singing duo of two women named Leona (玲桜奈) and Elena (絵玲奈). They performed songs for the SuperS movie, as well as one song for the Another Story video game. They have also performed covers for several Sailor Moon songs, which can be found on the Best Song Collection album.

Pretty Cast also have appeared on other shows, some include theme songs for shows, and a role on B-Fighter Kabuto, where both girls had a minor role on episode 16. As of current, Pretty Cast has been inactive, and the last record has been from the 1996, this meaning that the duo either disbanded, or they are on hiatus. [1]


Original Songs



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