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Pluto Planet Power! Make Up!

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Pluto Planet Power! Make Up!
Purūto Puranetto Pawā Meiku Appu

Pluto Planet Power in the manga

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Transformation phrase for...

Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto

Items used

Lip Rod (original anime)


Pluto Crystal Power, Make Up (manga series)

First Appearance

The Lover of Princess Kaguya (manga series)
The Grail's Divine Power! Moon's Double Transformation (first anime series)

Pluto Planet Power! Make Up!'' is the first command used by Setsuna Meiou to transform into Sailor Pluto in the manga, and the only one shown to be used in the first anime series.

Manga Series

Setsuna was never shown transforming into Sailor Pluto during the Infinity arc, but she did use this phrase to transform into her Senshi form during the manga side-story The Lover of Princess Kaguya. She just raises her hand and becomes Sailor Pluto in a instant.

Original Anime

Setsuna's transformation begins with the Pluto symbol spinning onto the Lip Rod. The Lip Rod appears in Setsuna's hand and the transformation begins.

Setsuna then spins around while holding the Lip Rod out and a storm of sand (aka the sands of time/an hourglass) stir up around her. She then twirls around in the midst of it before the sand comes down on her and the Garnet Rod is shown to be held by Sailor Pluto who then has her lip gloss appear and she twirls around before striking a pose.

Second Anime



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