A, Phage (Faji), appeared in almost every episode of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. They are monsters-of-the-day appearing only in the anime. After one of the Sailor Animamates unsuccessfully attempted to find a Star Seed that would stay lit, (as an unsuccessful star seed would turn black/dark after a few seconds, and a successful Star Seed would forever shine bright) a Phage would appear, whereas someone who had a successful Star Seed exposed (usually someone who is a Sailor Senshi or from the Moon Kingdom), they would just simply go unconscious until their Star Seed was stolen, in which they would simply die without transforming into a monster, in which their Star Seed would be reincarnated into another being. (Likewise, if a Phage is defeated without being healed, their Star Seed is forever lost. If a Phage is healed, their Star Seed would now become successful and shine forever.)

A Phage, is a very powerful monster that is formed due to someone having their Star Seed exposed when it is not a true Star Seed. Most typically, but not necessarily always, a Phage is formed from a human that had exceptional talent or abilities, as there is a misconception that these are prime contenders for successful Star Seeds, and they were not involved with Shadow Galactica.

A Phage parodies a Sailor Senshi, with the unsuccessful Star Seeds holder's occupation or hobby being related to their name and attacks, and with that, is given the name "Sailor".

If a Phage is not dealt with, they become very powerful and could cause lots of damage. If a Phage is accidentally or purposefully killed without being healed, the victim will become deceased and their Star Seed will forever be lost. If a Phage is healed, they return to their human form, and they now will have a successful Star Seed that will shine forever.

"Phage" is pronounced "Faji" and is a parasitic virus in bacteria. It comes from a Greek word meaning "to eat."

List of Phages

Sailor Iron Mouse

Sailor Aluminum Seiren and Sailor Lead Crow

Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Tin Nyanko


  • In the German dub, the Phages did not say anything when they were cured, instead just giving a wordless scream.
  • Phages do not appear in the manga. Their the only Monsters of the Week to be added to a group that exists in the manga
  • They are the second set of monsters to be formed directly from a human. Similar to season 1 where people were turned into monsters and healed by Sailor Moon.