Oliver Grimm

April 3, 1948



BirthplaceMunich, Germany

Hansi Wendle (mother, deceased)
Hans Grimm (father, deceased)


Voice actor, actor

SM Roles

German dub:
Reis Großvater (episode 10)

Oliver Grimm is a German voice actor and former actor. He voiced Reis Großvater in episode 10 of the German dub of the first anime series.

Oliver was an extremely popular child actor in Germany in the 1950s, and achieved his greatest popularity after starring in the movie "Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohne", and continued to act in lead roles under he grew older. After high school, he took acting lessons in Berlin, and later acted on stages in Berlin, Munich, and Zurich. Today he works as a voice actor with his most well-known role as the German voice for Kimba in the German dub of the anime "Kimba the White Lion".[1]


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