Ole Pfenning
Ole Pfenning

December 23, 1964



BirthplaceMunich, Bavaria, Germany
Resides in

Munich, Bavaria, Germany


Actor, voice actor

SM Roles

German dub:
Pegasus (episodes 131, 137-149)

Ole Pfenning, or Ole Pfennig, is a German voice actor and actor who voiced Pegasus in a few episodes of the German dub of the first anime series.

He has been in live-action productions such as "Die Schule am See" and "Cypress". Dubbing roles of his include Rey Curtis in "Law & Order", a few characters in "One Piece", Richard Tyler in "The 4400".[1] and many characters in "Pokémon".[2]


  • His height is about 6'1".[3]


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