The Neo Shitennou (ネオ四天王, "New Four Heavenly Kings") were a group of villains exclusive to the musical Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final, where they replaced the original Shitennou. The group consisted of Hiddenite, Kalunite, Hematite, and Kunzite.

In the musical, they served Queen Beryl and disguised themselves as Jewel Managers.


  • Kunzite is the only member of the Neo Shitennou to have been apart of the original Shitennou.
  • The members of the Neo Shitennou (bar Kunzite) look similar to the members of the original Shitennou. Here, Hematite is the equivalent to Jadeite, Kalunite is the equivalent to Zoisite, and Hiddenite is the equivalent of Nephrite.

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