Naomi Nagasawa
長沢 直美
Nagasawa Naomi
Naomi Nagasawa
Full Name

Naomi Nagasawa (長澤 直美)


May 12, 1971



BirthplaceToyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Ryoutarou Okiayu (divorced)




Voice actress

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Child (episode 32)

Naomi Nagasawa, now known as Nao Nagasawa (永澤菜教), is a Japanese voice actress who voiced a minor character in the first anime series

Other roles of hers include Majorika in "Ojamajo Doremi", Hikaru Yoshimoto in "Princess Nine", Neko Zombie in "Gregory Horror Show", Kenta in "Animal Yokochō", and Steak in "Tegami Bachi".[1]

She is currently affiliated with the KeKKe Corporation. She was originally affiliated with Aoni Production and Ken Production. She has also done stage work.[2]


  • She is often confused with pop star Nao Nagasawa since their names sound the same written in romaji.
  • Her blood type is B.[3]
  • Her height is 156cm or 5'1".[3]
  • She enjoys reading, illustrations, knitting, watching movies, and long baths.[3]
  • She grew up in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.[2]


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