In all forms of Sailor Moon media, several characters' names (particularly the villains) have several different spellings to them. Some websites will spell a name one way, and other sites will spell a name some other way.


More sites spell his name Nephlite than Neflite. The official Sailor Moon website (which no longer exists) confirmed his name to be spelt Neflite. It is spelled N-e-p-h-r-i-t-e by Naoko Takeuchi.


Though most sites spell his name Zoycite, some sites use the Japanese spelling for his name, Zoisite. Some even spell it Zoicite.

Queen Metallia

Though she is only ever called the Negaforce in the English anime, she is sometimes referred to on sites as Queen Metallia, but sometimes is spelt Queen Metalia. Kondasha's English translation uses the latter spelling, however, it once spelt her name as Queen Metaria in a chapter title, though this could be because the original chapter name had the name spelt that way.


Several sites spell her name Anne. Her name never appeared in an episode title.


There are a variety of spellings for her name. Among them are Reeny, Reenie, and Reney, but an episode title confirms the correct spelling to be Rini.


The re-release of the Sailor Moon manga spells Chibi-Usa, but the correct spelling is Chibiusa.


Some sites spell his name Darian.


Some sites spell his name Rubius, despite the fact that his name appears in two episode titles.


Some sites spell her name Catsy.


Some sites spell her name Birdie or Birdy.


Some sites spell her name Prisma.


Several sites spell her name Kaori Knight or Kaori Night. In some cases its spelled Kaorinite. A correct spelling would be Kaolinite.


Several sites spell her name Cyprin.


Several sites spell his name as Fish Eye.

The Amazon Quartet

Some sites spell their names (like the names of their Remless) as one word, or BesuBesu, CeleCele, JunJun, and ParaPara. The most accurate spelling has been VesVes, CeresCeres, JunJun and ParaPara.

Pharaoh 90 spells his name Pharoh 90, misspelling the word "Pharaoh". Also, some sites spell his name Pharaoh Ninety.

Mistress 9

Several sites spell her name Mistress Nine.

Prince Demande

His name is spelled as Prince Diamond, but the correct spelling is supposedly Prince Demande.


Some sites spell his name as Sapphire.

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