Infinity Academy
Mugen Gakuen




City, Ward, and/or District

Infinity District, Sankakusu,



The Infinity Academy is a large, elite private school located in the Sankakusu district of Tokyo. It is the headquarters of the Death Busters in all versions of Sailor Moon in which they appeared.


The Infinity Academy was founded by Professor Souichi Tomoe after he was exiled from the scientific community.

In the manga, the school was bult in the center between three residential buildings. It also was specifically located in a place the Death Busters called the Omega Area, an area where space is in flux which allowed the Death Busters to infiltrate Earth without coming into direct conflict with Sailor Uranus and Neptune upon their initial arrival. It is shown that the school is an escalator school, beginning at preschool and ending all the way to graduate school. As an elite school, it has advanced facilities and about 60 floors. Professor Tomoe's labratory is located behind the building.

The building was destroyed when Pharaoh 90 began his final assault on Earth.

In the English dub, it was called Mugan School and Mugan Prep.


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