Motoki's apartment building

Motoki's Home is a room in a small two-story apartment building.


Living Room

Motoki's living room has white walls and wood flooring. On one wall there is a bookshelf filled with books, an assumed closet and sliding glass windows with green floor length curtains. Beside them is a potted plant on the ground and a framed picture above that. On the same wall as the picture, after a space that leads to another area, is a shelf that has another plant sitting on it and inside the glass case appear to be books. In the middle of the floor there is a small glass table with a white carpet under it.


Most of the kitchen seems to be fixed onto one blue tile covered wall that has a refrigerator, a counter with a sink in it and to the far right a stove. Motoki keeps things stacked along the back of the stove and counter. Above the counter is a rack with two shelves where various cooking items like bowls and pots are kept.



  • The location of his apartment is never mentioned, but it's assumed to be located in Azabu Juuban.

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