Moto Azabu High School
Moto Azabu Kōtō Gakkō




City, Ward, and/or District

Azabu, Minato-ku



Moto Azabu High School is the all-boys school that Mamoru Chiba and Ittou Asanuma attended as students in the manga. According to Asanuma, the school is known as a prestigious and highly competitive school.

The school is an escalator school, containing a middle school and a high school. Ittou was a first-year junior high student while Mamoru was a second-year high school student during the Black Moon arc. By the Dream arc, Mamoru had graduated and moved onto university while Ittou was in his final year of junior high.


  • It is most likely that the school is based on the real-life Azabu High School, which is also known for its prestigious reputation and being an escalator school (grades 7-12).
  • According to the Materials Collection, the necktie for the junior high school students was red, while the tie for the high school students was a deep blue.

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