Mosaic Buster
Mozaiku Basutā

Mosaic Buster Manga

Mosaic buster

Mosaic BusterSMC





Items Used

Nanocuff (first anime series)

First Appearance

Believe in Love: Ami, the Kind-Hearted Guardian (original anime)
Act 30-Harkua, Sailor Uranus: Michiru, Sailor Neptune (Crystal)

Mosaic Buster is an unusually strong combination attack of pure electricity and technological energy that was used by Viluy of Witches 5 in both the manga series, the first anime series, and the musicals.


Viluy had first unleashed this very strong attack on Sailor Mercury in Act 30 when the Guardian of Water used her Mercury Aqua Mirage against her.

Original Anime

The attack allowed her to unleash nanobots which would, according to Viluy, slowly eat away at their intended target, leaving nothing behind but their soul (or pure heart in the anime). In the anime, the attack was triggered by an electronic control bracelet that Viluy wore. When it was damaged, Viluy used Mosaic Buster but the attack turned on her and the nanobots ate away at her until there was no trace of her left.


Viluy uses against Sailor Mercury, creating a barrier around the Senshi, preventing her escape as the nanobots begin to devour the victim on a microscopic level.



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