Moon Stick
Mūn Sutikku




Pic moon


Sailor Moon, Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity
Sailor Chibi Moon (Sera Myu only)

Used for

Healing victums and destroying enemies


Moon Healing Escalation, Moon Prism Power

First Appearance

Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter (manga)
Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love (anime)
Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter(crystal)

The Moon Stick was an item used by Sailor Moon in the first season of the series . She used this item to perform the Moon Healing Escalation attack. The Moon Stick became more powerful after the Silver Crystal was attached to it. The previous owner of the Moon Stick was Queen Serenity.

The Moon Stick did not exist in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Instead, a weapon very similar to the Moon Stick, the Moonlight Stick was used. In the DiC English dub, it is called The Crescent Moon Wand.


In the manga, the Moon Stick was similar in appearance to the one in the anime but the crescent moon was light blue instead of gold.

When the Silver Crystal appeared, it could be used in conjunction with the Moon Stick. In the final battle with Queen Metalia, the Moon Stick became a long staff. After Usagi got her new brooch, she used the Moon Stick to destroy Queen Metaria and revive the people of the Earth. The Moon Staff vanished and was never seen or mentioned again.

Original Anime

In the original anime it was a bright pink-colored stick with a golden crescent moon-shaped decoration on the bottom, a jewel and a crescent moon shape near the moon end, and a gold crescent moon on the top. The item was given to Sailor Moon by Luna in episode 25. In a flashback scene in episode 44, Queen Serenity said that it could only be used by a descendant of the Moon Kingdom.

The item itself was a point of conflict in the first season, as the other Senshi doubted Usagi's responsibility to use it properly. In episode 28, it fell out of Usagi's bag as she hurried to catch up with Naru and nearly landed in a river. Luna returned it to her later and warned her to be more careful.

In episode 34, the Silver Crystal appeared and attached itself to the stick. This was the final form of the Moon Stick that Sailor Moon used to defeat Queen Beryl in episode 46. After this battle, the Moon Stick was never seen again.

In episode 48, Sailor Moon attempted to summon the Moon Stick but failed. Later in episode 51, the item was replaced by the much stronger Cutie Moon Rod.

In the original anime, the Moon Stick had an alarm within it that went off whenever a Rainbow Crystal carrier came near it.


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  • In episode 43, when Oniwabandana struck the Moon Stick with her sword, the sword broke but the Moon Stick remained unharmed. This indicates that it was made out of an indestructible diamond-like material.
  • In ADV's box set of the anime, the Moon Stick was referred to as the "Crescent Moon Wand" in the subtitles, the DiC English dub name for the item.
  • In the Spanish version, the Moon Stick was called "Los Cuernos de la Luna", meaning "The Horns of the Moon". This was a term often used in literature to describe a Goddess of the Moon.


Moonstick crystal
The Moon Stick with the crystal intact.
Moon Stick Anime Design 1
The Moon Stick design sheet
Moon Stick Anime Design 2
The Moon Stick design sheet with the crystal attached to it

SM Crystal
Sailor Moon holding the Moon Stick
Luna presents the Moon Stick to Sailor Moon, marking her as leader of the Inner Solar System Senshi.

Bandai Moon Stick
An official toy that was based off of the Moon Stick. It came with three insertable rings and the color of the rings were pink, blue, and red. When a ring was inserted into the toy, the toy would light up and play a tune. Released by Bandai in 1992.
NA Moon Stick
This was the American version of the toy. Unlike the Japanese toy, it only came with one pink ring and the toy played two sounds: one with the ring inserted and one without the ring. It also lighted up. Released by Bandai in 1995.
World Moon Stick
This was the World version of the toy. Unlike the other toys, it had no rings. It had two buttons that, when pressed, would make the toy play sounds and light up. This was the most accurate toy compared to the anime before the PROPLICA one was made. Released by Bandai in 2000.
Sonokong Moon Stick
This was the Korean version of the toy and it was very unique compared to the other versions. It looked very different from the actual wand seen in the anime. It also played sounds from the Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Released by Sonokong in 2001.
Giochi Preziosi Moon Stick
This was the Italian version of the toy. It was very similar to the original Japanese version and like that version, it came with three rings. However, the sounds were a bit different. Released by Giochi Preziosi in 2011.
Bandai's version of the Moon Stick as a Necklace.
Moon Lip Balm Close Up
A lipstick tube based off of the Moon Stick. For more details about this unreleased product, click here!
Moon Stick Toy
This is the PROPLICA version of the toy and it is the most accurate toy compared to the first anime.

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