Moon Prism Power, Make Up (Chibi Moon)
Mūn Purizumu Pawā Meiku Appu


Chibimoon prism


Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Chibi Moon

Items used

Prism Heart Compact


Crisis, Make Up and Moon Crisis, Make Up (manga)
Moon Crisis, Make Up (anime)

First Appearance

Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (manga)
Seeking Friends! Chibi Moon's Actions (anime)

Moon Prism Power, Make Up! is the first command Chibiusa Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. It was first used episode 104 of the original anime and Act 25 of the manga. In the English Dub, it was shortened to Moon Prism Power, or Mini Prism Power.

Original Anime

Chibiusa's transformation into her regular Sailor form had two versions, both of which were shorter and less detailed than Usagi's regular transformation into Sailor Moon.

In the first version, Chibiusa's compact appears and white hearts vanish into the pink heart on the compact while the gems in the crown on the top flash. Then Chibiusa is shown standing in Sailor Moon's ending pose from Sailor Moon's first and second transformation. Pink hearts emerge from the compact and swirl back into the compact while giving Sailor Chibi Moon her entire sailor fuku.

In the second version first shown in Sailor Moon S: The Movie and then shown only in episode 129, Chibiusa's compact scene from the first transformation is shown. For a second, the entire screen is pink until pink and red hearts hearts glide across the screen, spliting the screen in two and showing Chibiusa's eyes. The screen then splits in two showing all of Chibiusa. Chibiusa leaps into the air as pink hearts swirl around her body, giving her her leotard. She then flips backward giving her the rest of her fuku. She then appears back on screen as hearts give her her choker, odango covers, tiara, and choker pendant. She then assumes a different finishing pose than the one in the first version.


Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - Crystal version S300:28

Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - Crystal version S3

Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - Crystal version S201:10

Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - Crystal version S2

Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - 90’s version00:25

Moon Prism Power! Make Up! - 90’s version


Chibi Moon's final pose (1994)
Sailor Chibi Moon's final pose in the first anime.
Chibi Moon's final pose (December 1994)
Sailor Chibi Moon's final pose in the Sailor Moon S movie and in episode 129.

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