Miyako Endou
遠藤 みやこ
Endō Miyako
Miyako Endo 2

March 21, 1965



BirthplaceTokyo, Japan

Voice actress

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Unazuki Furuhata
Hiromi Matsuno
Nana Asahina/Oniwabandana

Miyako Endou is a Japanese voice actress who voiced Unazuki Furuhata and two other minor characters in the anime.

Other roles of hers include Remy in "Getter Robo Go", and Princess Peach and other characters in the "Super Mario" OVA trilogy.[1]


  • The only instance where Miyako did not voice Unazuki was episode 94, when she was unavailable at the time.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Her height is 165cm or 5'4".
  • She enjoys cooking and traveling.[2]
  • Her specials skills are with English and percussion.
  • She graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University.[3]


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