Miwako Fujitani
藤谷 美和子
Fujitani Miwako
Full Name

Miwako Fujitani


March 10, 1963


Wanting to Be Together with You

Miwako Fujitani, legal name: Miwako Okamura (岡村 美和子 Okamura Miwako) is a Japanese singer who was born in Tokyo, Japan. She performed the song Wanting to Be Together with You, the first ending theme for the SuperS season of the anime.

Miwako is an known actress who has played since 1976, and has achieved many awards, some being as the best supporting actress. Miwako, as a singer has released 6 singles, as the last being since 2001, she has also released 4 albums. On 2005, Miwako got married to Shunichi Okamura, who works as film director.[1]


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