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The Miscellaneous Energy Attack is a group attacked performed in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. No words were spoken to activate the attack, and it consisted of the Sailor Soldiers raising their arms in front of them and using the power of their will to create their respective energy blasts.

Sailor Moon, Mars and Mercury originally attempted the attack in act 16 to destroy Kunzite's barrier field, but found they alone lacked the sufficient power. Once Sailor Jupiter joined up with them, they tried again and became powerful enough to destroy it.

Much later in Act 43 the attack was used once more. This time Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury were joined by Sailor Luna and Sailor Venus who had never been shown using this kind of attack before.

In the second attempt, the Sailor Soldiers pointed their arms which began to glow, at their target. They then raised their arms above their heads which caused all of their bodies to begin glowing their respective colors. In unison they all spun around before releasing their energy in one powerful blast.

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