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Name source

The Minotaur








Ail and An


To collect energy for the Makaiju


Sailor Mars's Fire Soul and Sailor Venus's Crescent Beam

First Appearance

For Love and Justice! A Sailor Senshi Once Again


Yuka Ono

Minotauron was the second Cardian that Ail and An sent to drain energy. She was a savage beast that attacked by using her horns, which could extend to great lengths and drain energy from people.


When Naru, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako were auditioning for a movie, Ail and An summoned Minotauron to drain energy from them for the Makaiju. Minotauron charged at the girls until they decided to fight back but the Cardian ended up draining Naru's energy. Luna slashed Minotauron's face but she still pursued them. Usagi then arrived and transformed into Sailor Moon to fight but Minotauron gained the advantage and began to drain her energy.

Luna's only option was to restore the memories of the other four Sailor Senshi. They transformed and attacked her. Sailor Mercury's Sabão Spray distracted Minotauron long enough for them to get Sailor Moon away from her, and she was injured by Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder before Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus killed her by combining their Fire Soul and Crescent Beam attacks.


  • The movie studio where Minotauron is summoned is compared to a maze by a few of the characters. This is a reference to the Minotaur of Greek mythology which dwelled in a maze-like labyrinth.
  • In the original Anime, Minotauron could only say her name or short forms of it, but in the English dub she was capable of speech.
  • Sailor Moon initially assumes Minotauron is actually a human that can be saved.
  • Minotauron appears topless on her card, covering her breasts with her arms. Strangely, this was not censored in the English dub.
  • In the Swedish dub, Minotauron was changed to be male instead of female.


Minotauron's Cardian
Minotauron's card
Leaders Makaiju
Protectors AilAn
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