Minako's Compact


Minako's CompactSMC3


Sailor Venus/Sailor V

Used for

Attacking and destroying enemies, disguising oneself


Crescent Beam
Crescent Boomerang
Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower
Crescent Super Beam
Crescent Slender Beam

Transformation Phrase(s)

Crescent Moon Power, Transform

First Appearance

The Birth of Sailor V!
Act 29 - Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers(Crystal)

In Codename: Sailor V, Minako Aino was given a crescent moon-shaped compact by Artemis.


She used it to transform into her standard Sailor form, as Sailor Venus, and for her unusually strong light-based attacks as well as disguising herself with Crescent Moon Power, Transform

Some of the compact's powers are Crescent Beam, Venus Power, Love Crescent Shower, and Crescent Boomerang. It is charged by moonlight, and has to be recharged often in order to work.

A similar item, called the Crescent Moon Cutter, appeared in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It was also used by Sailor V, but it did not have the same functions as the compact in the manga.


In the Crystal, Minako used it to disguise herself into a Mugen Academy student so she could attend idol Mimi Hanyu's concert.


  • This item is sometimes referred to as the "crescent compact" by some fans.


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