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Death Busters

Resides in



Member of the Witches 5


Mimi Hanyuu
(羽生美々 Hanyū Mimi)


The other members of the Witches 5, Kaolinite




Daimon Humanoid

First Appearance

Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition

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Mimete is the second member of the Witches 5 to confront the Sailor Senshi. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Mimete is a Level 40 witch and the weakest member of the Witches 5. She is the Academy's Performing Arts instructor. As Mimi Hanyu, she is an idol singer with a cute and angelic voice who goes to Mugen Academy.

The Materials Collection states that she loves using magic.


Mimete has short, wavy orange blonde hair and orange eyes. She sometimes wears a tiara on her head.


Infinity Arc

In the manga, Mimete first appears as idol Mimi Hanyu, a teen idol giving a concert to celebrate the opening of the Infinity Academy Memorial Dome, which only students are allowed to attended.

During the concert, she attempts to steal the souls of the Infinity Academy students using her song. Minako Aino, who snuck into the concert disguised as a student, realizes that Mimete is an enemy, and transforms to fight her.

Sailor Venus then calls the other Sailor Senshi. Mimete requests help from Kaolinite, and she sends several Daimons. The Senshi are about to be overwhelmed when Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune defeat Mimete and the rest of the Daimons.

Mimete is briefly resurrected by Kaolinite, along with the other witches, in Act 34. After being separated from the other Senshi, Sailor Venus hears a song, causing her a headache. She remembers that she has heard the song before. Walking into a room, she is overwhelmed with cheers, and Mimete welcomes her as her "special guest". Venus is given a microphone, and is wrapped up in wires. Mimete urges her to sing, reminding her that her dream is to be an idol. This causes Minako to question if she wants to continue being a Senshi.

In the end, Mimete and the rest of the Witches 5 are destroyed for good by Space Sword Blaster, Submarine Reflection, and Chronos Typhoon.


Attacks and Weapons



Mimete's name comes from mimetite, a yellow-orange mineral.

The kanji in Mimete's alias surname translate as "feather" (羽) and either "pure", "raw", or "fresh" (生). Her given name translates to "beauty" (美) with the character after it (々) having no specific pronunciation, and it only indicates that the syllable before it is repeated.


  • She was the Witches 5 counterpart of Sailor Venus.
  • She was ranked at Level 40, being the weakest member of the Witches 5.
  • The Materials' Collection describes that Mimete has a 'bimbo voice'.
  • In the Nakayoshi character poll for the Infinity arc, Mimete and her alias, Mimi Hanyuu, were listed as separate choices. She ranked the following:
    • Mimete: Place 28
    • Mimi Hanyuu: Place 31
      • This makes her the most popular out of the Witches 5.


Mimete's concept art
Mimi Hanyu
Mimete's alias as Mimi Hanyu
Witches 5 staves
The Witches' 5 during their brief resurrection
Witches 5 Level Picture

Death Busters

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