Michie Tomizawa
富沢 美智恵
Tomizawa Michie
Michie Tomizawa 2
Full Name

Michie Ito
(伊藤 美智江, married name)


October 20, 1961



BirthplaceNagano Prefecture, Japan[1]



Voice actress, singer

SM Roles

Japanese anime
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

Michie Tomizawa is a Japanese voice actress who voiced Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the first anime series.

Other voice roles of hers include Manami Kasuga in "Kimagure Orange Road", C-ko Kotobuki in "Project A-ko", and Sumire Kanzaki in "Sakura Wars".[2]

Michie briefly retired from voice acting in 2002, when she married, but later retured to voice acting in 2004. She is affiliated with Aoni Production.


  • Michie was the second major Sailor Moon voice actress to retire. The first being Chiyoko Kawashima, the voice of Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto in the anime, who retired in 2001.
  • As the voice of Sailor Mars, she sang two international Christmas songs called "White Christmas" and "Last Christmas". Both of these songs were sung completely in English.
  • Michie's favorite flower is a Casablanca lily. Because of this, Naoko Takeuchi made Rei Hino's favorite flower the same.
  • Her blood type is A.[3]
  • Her height is 159cm or 5'2".[3]
  • Her hobbies include yoga and window shopping.[3]
  • Her special skill is calming children. [3]


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