Mercury Aqua Mist
マーキュリー アクア ミスト
Mākyurī Akua Misuto

Mercury Aqua Mist (Ai no senshi dot net)

Pgsm aqua mist

Mercury mist


Sailor Mercury


Fog/steam/mist-based attack


Mercury Bubble Blast

First Appearance

Act 3 - Rei, Sailor Mars (manga)
Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend (PGSM)
Act 2 - Ami, Sailor Mercury (Crystal)

Mercury Aqua Mist is a very strong steam/fog/mist-related attack performed by Sailor Mercury in the manga, second anime series, and the live-action series.


When she performed this attack, it created a thick fog. In Act 3, Jadeite was able to freeze the fog.

In Act 3 of the original manga, Sailor Mercury only performed the attack without saying anything. It was named in the rerelease manga.


In the live-action series, it was Sailor Mercury's first attack, and it was offensive to nature. The attack was similar to Sabão Spray, and it created a dense fog.


In Act 2, when Sailor Mercury performs this attack, blue water energy forms in her hands and creates a thick fog and mist that blinds her enemies.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal - Mercury Aqua Mist (HD)00:10

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal - Mercury Aqua Mist (HD)

Mercury Aqua Mist - PGSM00:14

Mercury Aqua Mist - PGSM

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