Mercury Aqua Mirage
Mizu Shinkirō/Mākyurī Akua Mirāju




Mercury Aqua MirageSMC


Sailor Mercury (manga/second anime)
Super Sailor Mercury




Mercury Aqua Rhapsody

First Appearance

Ami's First Love
Act 29 - Infinity 3, Two New Soldiers (second anime)

Mercury Aqua Mirage is an unusually stong water-related attack used by Sailor Mercury that engulfs her opponent in a circular pool of water that will burst and destroy the enemy.


Super Sailor Mercury only used this attack in the anime special "Ami's First Love," against Bonnon.

In this attack, Super Sailor Mercury summoned a globe of water, which then split into several streams that shot toward her target; when the streams made contact, the target was engulfed by a larger globe of water, which then burst and destroyed whatever was inside of it. This attack was only used once in the anime series.

However in the Sailor Moon S Opening, there is a short part where each Inner Sailor Guardian is performing attacks similar to their manga ones. It is unknown if Mercury was performing Aqua Mirage in the opening but it is assumed to be.

Mercury Aqua Mirage - Anime special (Ami's First Love)00:35

Mercury Aqua Mirage - Anime special (Ami's First Love)

Second Anime

Mercury summons a globe of water, which is then split into several streams that are shot toward her target; when the streams make contact, the target is engulfed by a larger globe of water, which then bursts and destroys whatever is inside of it.

Mercury Aqua Mirage – Crystal00:14

Mercury Aqua Mirage – Crystal


This attack was used in the third arc of the manga and the manga side story on which the anime special was based. The first time it appeared, Sailor Mercury used it against Viluy.

Video Games

Super Sailor Mercury creates a tornado of water that rises up, able to hit opponents high or low. Mercury Aqua Mirage was performed in these games:


The attack first appeared in Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Mich where it killed  Death Ra, one of the Death Mannetjes.


  • The kanji of the attack that is used in the manga translates to "Water Mirage".
  • The animation of this attack in the second anime is retraced from the original animation from Ami's First Love.

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