Disc 10 Cover

Disc 10 of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box.

The final disc of the box was comprised from music from the Sailor Moon SuperS movie as well as the Ami's First Love. There were three songs on this disc, including the one played at the end of the SuperS Movie. The first 20 tracks were from the SuperS Movie while tracks 21-28 were from Ami-chan's Special. The last five tracks were bonus tracks.

Track List

# Song Title Song Version
1 "Sanji no Yousei (Flute Player)" M512, M513
2 "Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips)" TV Edit
3 "Cookie Lesson" M514, M515
4 "Peruru" M516, M517, M518
5 "Pupuran" M519
6 "Bon Bon Babies" M520, 521
7 "4 Sailor Senshi, Crystal Power, Makeup!" M522, M523, M524, M525
8 "Tuxedo Kamen" M522, M523, M524, M525
9 "Peruru's Resistance" M529 M530
10 "Resuming Combat" M531, M532, M532B
11 "Queen Vadiane" M533
12 "Magipan Castle" M534, M535, M536, M520B
13 "3 Outer Planet Senshis" M537, M520?"
14 "Dream Black Hole" M516B, M538, M539, M516B2
15 "Suspending Fate" M540
16 "Energy 100 Times Greater" M541, M542
17 "Dream Coffin" M543
18 "Light of Love" M544, M545
19 "Let's Go Back Home" M546, M547
20 "Morning Moon de Aimashyou (Pretty Cast)" ED
21 "Ami's Morning" M501
22 "Ami Mizuno" M502, M503, M504
23 "Cute Trick" M505A, M505B, M505C
24 "Evil Deity Bonnon" M506, 507A, M507B
25 "Sailor Mercury" M507C, M507D, M508
26 "Mercury Aqua Mirage" M509, M510
27 "The End" M511A, M511B
28 "Rashiku" Ikimasho (Meu)" ED6 (TV Edit)
29 "1st Recording of Unreleased" BGM K2, K2B, G7B, D1B, D4B
30 "Sanji no Yosein" Instrumental Version
31 "Morning Moon de Aimashou" Instrumental Version
32 "Ashita mo Mata Jitensha" Orgel Version mono
33 "Ashita mo Mata Jitensha" Instrumental Version

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